Event Format

Foundation Sessions, and Topical Sessions, and Work Group sessions customized to your needs!
The Summer Institute experience is based on a week-long program providing you and/or your team the opportunity to develop a customized Action Plan based on needs at your particular institution. This process is facilitated by your active participation in all general sessions, your choice of Foundation and Topical sessions, and your work daily with a summer institute faculty member and a small group of participants from similar institutional types. Through these activities, you will develop a network of supportive colleagues.

 Action Plans 

You will prepare and present (in your Work Group) an ACTION PLAN for solving an advising challenge on your campus. The scope of the action plan is left up to you. The scope may be as narrow as devising a new form or as broad as proposing a new model for delivery of advising on your campus or recommending the use of new technology. You will receive assistance with this project by attending relevant sessions, group discussions, and group and individual consultations with institute faculty who have expertise in the area you have chosen.

Work Group Discussions

During these daily sessions, led by an institute faculty, you will discuss issues focusing on the general session topics, share ideas, and receive feedback on your ACTION PLAN. 

Full Participation

Specific objectives are met by participating in every aspect of the institute, from the opening general session  until the last presentation is made. Please plan your schedule accordingly. 

When in-person, all meetings/sessions will be held at the Institute Hotel unless noted otherwise; when virtual meetings/sessions will be hosted via Zoom.