Academic Success and the Student-Athlete Online Course

Summer 2020 Course

Dates: June 15 - August 10, 2020

Price On/Before Friday, June 5:
    • $195 for NACADA/N4A members
    • $325 for non-members
Price On/After Saturday, June 6:
    • $245 for NACADA/N4A members
    • $375 for non-members

Course Description

This course has been developed by NACADA’s NCAA Advisory Board and members of the National Association of Academic and Student-Athlete Development Professionals (N4A) as a professional development resource for academic advisors, athletic academic support professionals, and campus administrators (both inside and outside of athletics) who would like to deepen their knowledge and understanding of student-athlete academic support and eligibility certification.

The goal of the course is to provide information on basic principles for advising students, with an emphasis on advising student-athletes, improving academic success, and maintaining compliance with NCAA rules and regulations.

Course Details

Course Format
Participants will not be required to be online at any particular time and can work at their own pace within each weekly module. The class content will move forward each week allowing the participant the entire week to work through the week's content. The participants can complete the content all in one day or do a little each day as their schedule allows. By offering this information in an online format, participants are provided a learning opportunity that can be accessed either in their own home or office, and at a time of day that works best for their schedules. Assignments and readings will be required each week.

The course is eight weeks with each individual module being 1 week in length.

This course is structured in a manner that allows the participants to develop a national network through interaction with other members of their cohort through virtual chat rooms and discussion boards.

Course Facilitators
Facilitators will be assigned to assist those taking the course by posing questions for discussion, sharing successful practices and answering questions.

Course Assessment
Each Module will include an assessment component including questions covering material and participation in topical discussions.
Completion of Course
Upon successful completion of all eight modules, the participant will receive a certificate suitable for framing. Successful completion is defined as a 70% or better in the course.

Technology Requirements

Canvas and its hosting infrastructure are designed for maximum compatibility and minimal requirements.

Operating Systems
Windows XP SP3 and newer
Mac OSX 10.6 and newer
Linux - chromeOS
Computer Speed and Processor
Use a computer 5 years old or newer when possible
1GB of RAM
2GHz processor
Internet Speed
Along with compatibility and web standards, Canvas has been carefully crafted to accommodate low bandwidth environments.
Minimum of 512kbps
Screen Readers
Macintosh: VoiceOver (latest version for Safari)
PC: JAWS (latest version for Internet Explorer 10 &11)
PC: NVDA (latest version for Firefox)
There is no screen reader support for Canvas in Chrome


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Refund Policy

On/Before June 5: A refund of course fees, less a $50 administrative fee, will be made with a written request.

On/After June 6: No refunds. At any time prior to the beginning of the course, a participant may transfer a registration to another individual from the same institution. The new individual must complete and submit a registration form indicating the substitution.

Participant Feedback

  • Awesome class gained a lot of great information.

  • This was a great class and I hope I have the opportunity to participate in a second level if it is offered.

  • Thank you for offering this course! As a new advisor, I found it very helpful!

  • I enjoyed this and would like to take another course this coming summer. Thanks!

  • I have really enjoyed taking this summer class and having the opportunity to apply what I learned from my job, the readings, guest speakers and everyone who was taking this class as well. I have really enjoyed learning more about the rules for all of the NCAA Divisions. Also, it has been cool to meet many different new professionals in this career and hear about their perspectives. I really enjoyed talking about our core values first and how we can help the student-athletes determine their core values.

  • I have really enjoyed participating in this course these past eight weeks! It has been especially useful having the opportunity to interact with professional peers in different positions (e.g., campus advisors, DI, DII, DIII) and from different institutions. The incorporation of guest speakers for an array of topics was very enlightening. All of the readings and resources were very interesting and are resources I will be returning to throughout my career. I loved how interactive my facilitator was!

  • The course also helped me to gain information that is beneficial when helping these students stay focused and committed along their academic paths.

  • This course has introduced me to topics related to eligibility/academic progress at all levels, athletic identity, and the resources that academic advisors can use to assist student-athletes. I now understand the importance of professional advisors being informed about the NCAA eligibility standards for athletic participation.

  • I have learned how important it is to form relationships with the student-athlete’s athletic advisor, coach, or other staff that work closely with them.

  • The materials and knowledge gained through this course have been enormously helpful at this time in my young advising career. This course allowed me to follow up on those learned experiences, meet people who have gone through or are going through the same thing as me, and learn a few different student-athlete advising rules and strategies along the way.

  • This class has been a very enjoyable experience for me as it has allowed me to evaluate myself as an advisor and learn other ways I can best serve our students and our campus community.

  • This e-Tutorial was a wonderful and informative experience. I am looking forward to applying this knowledge to my advising practice.

Accessing the Course

Once the course begins and you are registered, you can access the course, using the login information provided in the Syllabus, either online or via mobile app.