Advising High Achieving Students Community Goals & Objectives

2020-2021 Strategic Goals & Objectives
  • Encourage and facilitate submission of conference proposals and manuscripts for publication.
  • Expand library of resources available for members
  • Highlight achievements of our membership
  • Provide opportunities for membership to network and make connections
  • Provide professional development opportunities – both formal and informal
2019-2020 Strategic Goals
  • Create new opportunities for involvement with the community
  • Leverage volunteer network via committee to enhance overall community opportunities for members
  • Promote growth and leadership opportunities for steering committee members
  • Give members an opportunity to develop strategic initiatives for the betterment of the community
  • Continue valuable conversations that occur at annual conference and give members the support needed to collaborate for research, publication, and presentation purposes


2018-2019 Strategic Goals
  • Develop participation opportunities with the community.
  • Maintain or increase volunteer network to enhance opportunities for members.
  • Encourage development and leadership opportunities for steering committee members.
  • Provide members an opportunity to create strategic initiatives for the advancement of the community.
  • Revise/update current document t o give a quick overview of our group to interested parties.
  • Create opportunities for leadership.
  • Support community engagement and advancement.