Guidelines to Support Planning

Individual Application for VAP

  1. Cover letter identifying and explaining:
    • Interest in VAP
    • Objectives
    • Duration of placement
    • Preferred timing of placement (start and end dates)
    • Expectations for work space and related equipment
    • Expectations regarding available resources (e.g. library access)
  2. Curriculum vitae/resume
  3. Letter of support from home institution confirming the following
    • Authorization from supervisor to participate in VAP
    • Confirmation of continued employment status including benefits for the duration of VAP
    • Host university’s exchange office may request additional documentation to facilitate the process
  4. Completed VAP Advisor Application

Individuals may apply for an unpaid leave or secondment from their home insitution.


Advisors are responsible for arranging and funding:

  • Air fare
  • Travel insurance/medical and accidental insurance
  • Transportation while on exchange
  • Accommodation*
  • Any required visa or other travel documents

Host Institution Application for VAP

  1. Document outlining project/role
    • Description of institution
    • Description of project/role
    • Qualifications and experience required for project including languages required (written and spoken)
    • Duration of placement
    • Preferred timing of placement (start and end dates)
    • Lead time required
  2. Letter outlining resource and support
    • Description of available work space and equipment
    • A list of available resources (e.g. library access)
    • Settlement support (e.g. pre-arrival support, accommodation – if available, information about banking, grocery stores, cell phones, etc.)
    • Orientation to the project and position responsibilities
  3. Consider Administration, health and safety
    • Visa requirements 
    • Confirmation of availability of liability coverage through host institution
    • Usage agreement and liability waiver as applicable
    • Plan for and notice required if either party wishes to end VAP early
  4. Completed Host Institution Application


  • Host intuitions may choose to pay a salary or a stipend depending on work expectations and cost of living. 
  • Host institutions may provide accommodation at no cost or for a fee.