NACADA International Conference  |  Athens, Greece

June 22-25, 2020

Proposals Submission Information
The Call for Proposals is now closed.  Submitters will hear the status of their proposal by mid-February.

All proposals are to be submitted in English, 

Deadline to submit: January 20, 2020. Please do not wait until the last day when the server could be busy, making it difficult to submit your proposal. Late proposals will not be accepted.

Final notifications on submissions will be made in February.

Things to Remember
  • All presenters (except preconference workshop) are expected to submit electronic versions of handouts or other materials used in their session prior to the conference
  • Due to budgetary considerations, it is not possible to offer an honorarium or a waiver of registration fees to program presenters
  • All presenters are co-presenters are expected to register and pay the appropriate registration fee
  • Scheduling of programs is a complex process. Your session may be scheduled at any time during the conference. Please make travel plans accordingly
  • A session canceled after April 15th is considered failure to meet the agreement made between NACADA and the presenters. Presenters canceling a session after April 15th will not be considered for further presentations for 3 consecutive years.
  • All presenters listed on the proposal must be registered. Failure to contact the Executive Office prior to April 15th of a presenter no longer participating will disqualify the person from presenting for up to 3 consecutive years.  
  • A well-written proposal and abstract will enhance your application. Check for spelling errors before submitting.
  • An individual may submit a maximum of four (4) presentation proposals
  • The title and abstract must reflect the content of your proposal session.
  • Poor evaluation scores often result when the printed abstract bears little relation to the actual presentation and handouts are not uploaded. These are the two most mentioned criticisms on individual evaluations
  • Deadline for submitting is January 20, 2020. Late submissions will not be reviewed.