Region 2 Operating Principles

Mission and Purpose

NACADA Mission: NACADA promotes student success by advancing the field of academic advising globally. We provide opportunities for professional development, networking, and leadership for our diverse membership.

The Purpose of the Region: The Region’s purpose is to support NACADA’s mission by facilitating professional development activities, networking opportunities, leadership development, and member recruitment and service for the membership within their geographic area.

The regions propose activities to support academic advisors, faculty advisors, and advising administrators within their geographic regions. Region members conduct annual region conferences, as well as state, province or area drive-ins, promote NACADA membership, and develop programs that meet the needs of their specific region.

Region Chairs, working with their steering committees, lead the functions of the regions. The following operating principles outline the responsibilities of the Region Steering Committee in accomplishing the work of the region and supporting NACADA’s mission.  

Region 2 Operating Principles

2020 Operating Principles Updates

In accordance with the current operating principles, last approved in 2017, are to be reviewed every three years.

When the Region 2 Steering Committee met in December, 2019 in Norfolk, the below suggested edits to the Operating Principle were approved:

To better serve the entire Regional population, an elected Diversity, Inclusions, & Engagement Chair position would be added to the Steering Committee.

The position of Site Selection Chair would be dissolved and Region Conference Chairs would assume greater responsibility over selection of Region 2 Conference sites.

For all steering committee positions, suggested minimum job qualifications would be added to the operating principles. Additionally, a vetting process for positions elected by all of Region 2 would be on place prior to elections.

While steering committee members are (as in previous years) allowed to serve two terms, to have the honor to do so, steering committee members must be meeting their job requirements to serve a second term. After four (4) years of service on the Steering, the member must remain off the Steering Committee in any elected position for a minimum of three years (with the exception of Region Chairs and Region Conference Chair positions)

In accordance with the current operating principles, all suggested changes have been posted on the NACADA Region 2 website two months prior to the Regional conference and can be reviewed by all Region members at:

Region 2 Operating Principles – proposed changes