The Northwest Region consists of the following states and provinces - British Columbia (CANADA), Alberta (CANADA), Yukon Valley (CANADA)Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. The Region 8 Steering Committee membership includes the Region Chair, Past Region Chair, Province/State/Territory Liaisons,Technology Coordinator, Budget Coordinator, Communication Coordinator, and Inclusivity & Engagement Coordinator. Get region news and updates from the Region 8 blog.

Region Chair & Steering Committee

Name Institution Position
Leah Panganiban
(206) 897-9003
University of Washington Region Chair 
Jeff Malone Oregon State University Past Region Chair (2018-2019)
Nick Fleury Oregon State University Budget Coordinator (2019-2021)
Jenesis Long Oregon State University Communications Coordinator (2019-2021)
Veronica Mendez-Liaina Spokane Falls Community College Inclusion & Engagement Coordinator (2019-2021)
Andrew Wahlstrom University of Oregon Technology Coordinator (2019-2021)
Patrick Fernandez Highline College Two-Year College Liaison (2019-2021)

Name Institution Position
Brighton Brooks University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska Liaison (2018-2020)
Deven Lisac University of Alaska Fairbanks Bristol Bay Campus Alaska Liaison (2019-2021)
Brianna "Bri" Harvie Mt Royal University Alberta Liaison (2018-2020)
Myreene Tobin Athabasca University Alberta Liaison (2019-2021)
Janine Mayers University of Victoria British Columbia Liaison (2018-2020)
College of the Rockies British Columbia Liaison (2019-2021)
Kristi Overfelt University of Idaho Idaho Liaison (2018-2020)
Cathlene "Cat" McGraw Boise State University Idaho Liaison (2019-2021)
Liz Greenfield Montana State University Montana Liaison (2018-2020)
Anna Gonzalez Montana State Unviersity - Billings Montana Liaison (2019-2021)
Katie Richardson University of Portland Oregon Liaison (2019-2021)
Jim Fasulo Portland Community College Oregon Liaison (2019-2021)
Seattle University Washington Liaison (2018-2020)
Olympic College Washington Liaison (2019-2021)

Region Conference Committee - 2020

Name Institution Position
Janine Mayers
(250) 721-7567  
University of Victoria Conference Co-Chair
Melana Mar
(250) 853-3512
University of Victoria Conference Co-Chair