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Presenter Deadlines

Your presentation information page contains all critical information regarding your session or workshop.

Confirm your presentation session by Friday, May 5, 2023
Each individual listed on the presentation page must confirm electronically, this includes lead and co-presenters. NACADA reserves the right not to include in the schedule of presentations those that are not confirmed by this date. Please confirm yes or no.

Edit and make any changes by Friday, May 5, 2023
On your presentation page, scroll down to review your title and abstract; check for clarity and spelling. Make sure the title reflects the contents of your abstract; attendees will use this abstract to plan their conference schedule. All changes must be reflected in the comments box, be specific. Abstract changes will only be accepted from the lead presenter. If you are adding or deleting presenters include that information in the comments box also.

Upload Scholarly Paper manuscripts by Friday, September 1, 2023
If your presentation is designated as a Scholarly Paper your manuscript must be uploaded into the “Scholarly Paper Portal” no later than the given deadline. Links and specific details for Scholarly Papers will be sent directly to authors.

Upload presentation materials by Friday, September 8, 2023
Your presentation handouts and recording should be uploaded no later than the given deadline. Preconference Workshops DO NOT upload handouts.

General Presentation Information

Suggested Resources

  1. Use the Source Document as an example for organizing citations. 
  2. Use the Universal Design and PowerPoint Recommendation resources to help ensure your presentation is inclusive to all participants.
      1. To be more inclusive and accessible to everyone, we encourage presenters to self-describe at the beginning of their sessions. Giving a description of yourself for the benefit of visually impaired or blind people is a good practice. 

We request that presenters review their presentations for examples of stereotyping, labeling, or generalizing negative comments and delete such references. We also request that during your presentation you assist the participants in your session to avoid using the session as a stage for making negative comments about any group. 

Locate and preview your presentation room PRIOR to your session. Most concurrent sessions will be set theatre style (rows of chairs, no tables) or classroom style (rows of tables and chairs). There will be a head table, chairs, and either a tabletop or floor podium in the front of the room. Rooms seating more than 90 people typically have a microphone on the podium.

Begin and end your presentation on time. All sessions are 60 minutes. It is important to end your session on time to provide the next presenter(s) with the opportunity to start their session on time.

Your material and comments should match the abstract you have provided. It is important that your presentation covers the information and topics you have outlined in your abstract; it can be frustrating when participants have chosen your session based on your abstract and you do not clearly cover the topics they are expecting. This is the number one complaint on evaluations.

Do not read your presentation or even portions of it. Word-for-word reading should only be used in rare instances for the purpose of emphasizing a point or fact. Limit your notes for the session to key ideas or phrases that automatically bring to mind your ideas for delivery.

Questions and answer time should be incorporated into the presentation. Not having enough time has been a frequent complaint from past participants at our conferences. Presenters are encouraged to leave at least 10-15 minutes at the end of the session for questions and/or discussion of your topic or you should plan accordingly so that participants may ask questions as you present your information.

Presenter Contact Information
It may be beneficial to post your contact information at the end of your session PowerPoint or within your handouts. Participants appreciate being able to contact you after the conference for more information concerning your presentation, to ask questions they may think of later, or to ask for your assistance when they return to their campuses. This is not a requirement. 

Evaluations will be available for all preconference workshops and concurrent sessions. Evaluation links will be posted within each session and daily reminders will be sent through the app as well as email. In addition, NACADA will provide all presenters with a PowerPoint slide with instructions on how participants can submit online evaluations. It is recommended that all presenters use this slide at the end of their presentation and allow adequate time for participants to complete their session evaluation. Please encourage conference participants to complete an evaluation for your session. The evaluations are very important for our conference. In addition to providing you valuable feedback on your session, the evaluations are extremely valuable to next year’s conference planning committee. Your evaluations will be available on your presenter's webpage within a few weeks following conference. 

The Evaluations Counter will be staffed with conference committee members and volunteers that will be available throughout conference to help answer any questions on submitting evaluations.

Uploading Your Presentation Materials

Your presentation and handouts must be uploaded no later than Friday, September 8.

Submit Presentation Materials Here

Recording Your Presentation 
All concurrent presentations are highly encouraged to submit one recording that will be submitted to NACADA no later than Friday, September 8.. If there is more than one presenter, make sure to record your video together at one time or compile all presenter video files into one file before uploading. Recordings are not to exceed 30 minutes in length, no more than 1 GB maximum size, and one video file (.mp4 format) per session. 

Session Handout Material
Many of you provide excellent support material with your presentation. We ask that you upload your materials no later than Friday, Septemer 8. This allows registered participants a chance to review your handouts both prior to and after the conference.

Once your handouts are posted, they will be available to all attendees through the Interactive Schedule Planner. The location of all posted handouts will be shared with registered attendees prior to the conference and again in the conference platform. There will be no handouts for Preconference Workshop materials. 

How does the upload process work?

  • Access the presenter information page.
  • The code number provided to you in April and presenter’s last name/password are required for login.
  • All submissions are due by no later than Friday, September 8. Early submissions are appreciated.
  • If you are the lead presenter for your session, please coordinate the submission of all materials with your co-presenters.

What kind of supplemental material may I upload?

  • PowerPoint slides in pdf format, supporting charts, graphs and illustrative material, a detailed outline of the presentation, summary of topics discussed during the presentation, presenter’s biographical data, bibliographic sources for further reading, a list of URL’s relevant to your presentation, and if you are willing to discuss your material further with attendees, include some contact information such as email, phone number, or mailing address. 

What file formats can I use to submit my presentation recording?

  • Only a .mp4 file format will be accepted.

What file formats can I use to submit handouts?

  • Only .pdf, .jpeg, and .tiff file formats will be accepted.

Presenter Profile Image

  • We highly recommend that you upload an image of yourself to be used as your presenter profile image within the conference platform. Only .jpeg and .tiff file formats will be accepted. 

Presenter’s Consent Agreement
By submitting my materials electronically, I agree to the following:

  • I guarantee that my work is original and does not infringe on any copyright or intellectual property rights of others, contains no libelous or other unlawful matter, and makes no improper invasion of the privacy of any other person. I understand that I will retain intellectual property rights to this work and will include a statement to that effect (sample language: copy; year by author at the bottom of the first page of any copyrighted materials submitted).
  • I authorize NACADA to post the submitted material to its website and conference platform.
  • I agree to NACADA's Speaker Release Form
Audio Visual Recommendations

You can check back to your presentation information page any time prior to conference to review the audio/visual you requested for your session. You were given the password and ID number in the April correspondence. The page has the date and time of you presentation and the audio visual that was requested.

Streaming of live video is not allowed. Available bandwidth is not strong enough for streaming and the possibility of being disconnected is extremely high. All presenters must be present and cannot be streamed in.

We will not be able to provide any additional equipment at the conference.

Preconference Workshop Information

Preconference workshops must be highly participatory sessions. Since these workshops range from two to five hours, presenters must plan for participants to be involved and participate in the session not simply sit and be lectured to on a topic.

Participants expect to leave preconference workshops with information, material, strategies, and ideas they can take back to their campuses and use effectively. Preconference workshops should be very hands-on and issue-specific with material, activities, strategies and techniques that the participants can effectively use in their individual situations. Presenters should come prepared to answer questions concerning implementation and other issue-specific questions.

Presenters should plan varying presentation formats for preconference workshops. Due to the length of preconference workshops, presenters should plan to include some lecture as well as possible small and large group activities and a question and answer period.

Workshops should last the entire time indicated on the website. Please remember that participants have paid an additional fee to attend your workshop; it is important that you come prepared with material and information for the entire time period you have been allotted.

Rooms for preconference workshops are set classroom style (rows of long narrow tables with chairs). There will be a head table, chairs, and either a tabletop or floor podium in the front of the room.

Enrollment is initially limited. If your workshop reaches the limit, the NACADA Executive Office will contact you to see if you are willing to accept more participants. Do not ask for the enrollment number to be limited to a lesser number; we are trying to accommodate as many of our attendees as possible.

A participant list of persons signed up for your session will be emailed to your prior to the conference. You may contact the Executive Office one to two weeks prior to the conference to request a list of attendees who have signed up for your workshop to help you determine how many handouts you will need.

Preconference workshops DO NOT upload their presentation or handouts to NACADA's web page.

Poster Session Recommendations  

A poster session at the NACADA Annual Conference is a forum for presenters from around the globe to highlight their programs and to share their successful ideas with colleagues by presenting a research study, a practical problem-solving effort, or an innovative program on their campus. Poster presentations provide other conference participants an opportunity to quickly and easily become acquainted with your topic. An effective poster presentation highlights, with a visual display, the main points or components of your topic.

Recording and Uploading your Poster Presentation
Poster presenters are required to complete and upload their poster to their presenter's page no later than Friday, September 8. Poster presenters are also given the option to record a 5 minute presentation explaining their poster more in-depth. We recommend you use Zoom to record your presentation. This recording is also due the same time as your poster.

Date/Time/Room Setting of Poster Sessions
The Poster Session is on Thursday, October 5 and runs concurrently with the complimentary breakfast for all attendees. Presenters can begin setting up their posters the morning of the poster session. All posters should be setup and displayed by the start of the poster session at 7:50 am. Presenters are expected to be available to answer questions only during the Thursday time slot. Please make travel plans accordingly.

If you would like to keep your poster, you may remove the poster immediately at the close of the poster session. All remaining posters will be recycled.   

Audio visual is not available during the Poster Session; if using a laptop be sure to have a fully charged battery. The Poster Chair, will be in contact with further information this summer.

Developing and Designing Your Poster Presentation

Below are two templates that can be used to help make the design process easier for you. Each template comes standard with NACADA's three main colors, but you are more than welcome to change the colors to your preference. These templates are just to help get you started, so feel free to edit them as you wish.

Template 1 | 36 x 60 Template 2 | 36 x 72

  1. It is best to keep your poster simple. Include information such as graphics, photographs, graphs, charts, tables, etc. Be sure to include major points on the poster and keep all non-essential information for the follow-up discussion with registered attendees. Please be certain that text is large enough to be read from at least 2 feet away. Headings should be at least 30 point or larger and primary text should be at least 20 point or larger.
    1. Be certain that any graphics and/or photographs contain the necessary copyright permission(s) as some images may require you to obtain permission for use.
  2. Poster presenters will be responsible for developing and printing the poster to be presented during the poster session. This includes all design and printing expenses incurred throughout the process. If you plan to hand carry your poster, shipping tubes or carrying cases can be used to protect it. NACADA is unable to print posters for presenters.
    1. NOTE: When printing your poster, DO NOT print the NACADA poster number as that is subject to change.
  3. All posters will be attached to one side of a 4 feet tall x 8 feet wide standing bulletin board. Average poster sizes are 36 inches tall x 60 inches wide or 36 inches tall x 72 inches wide.
  4. Posters should be constructed of lightweight material that can be easily attached to the board with T-pins and easy to transport.    
  5. We encourage all poster presenters to upload a short video, explaining their poster more in-depth, no more than 5-minutes. 
  6. Please adhere to the NACADA promotional policy as is required for all annual conference presenters.
  7. Below is an image similar to the poster bulletin boards that will be available for use.

Mailing Materials
  • Packages can only be mailed to the hotel in which you are staying. Contact the hotel directly for specific mailing instructions.
  • All packages must be pre-paid; the hotel will not accept cash on delivery packages. 
  • Packages may arrive no more than a week in advance but should arrive at least one day before needed.
  • To avoid confusion, please only use the name of the individual staying at the hotel.
  • Contact the front desk upon arrival to arrange for package pick up/delivery.
  • Please check with the hotel directly for costs on outbound parcels.

NOTE: Shipment cannot be made directly to the convention center.

Cancellation Policy   

If it is not possible for a lead presenter or co-presenter to participate in their session, the presenter must notify the Executive Office immediately. A cancellation after August 1 is considered failure to meet the agreement made between NACADA and the presenter(s). Presenters cancelling after the August 1 deadline will not be considered for further presentations for three consecutive years. Please contact us at if you have questions.

Copyright Guidelines

We ask that all presenters review the copyright guidelines linked above. 

NACADA Commercial Promotion Policy

Presenter FAQ

PowerPoint Templates

NACADA PowerPoint templates are available for all presenters. It is not required, only optional.