Global Awards

Our awards are designed to honor individuals and institutions making significant contributions to the improvement of academic advising within higher education.  The program goals are to:
  • Recognize outstanding advising throughout higher education
  • Offer a global advising rewards system 
  • Encourage wider support of advising personnel and programs
  • Ultimately improve advising services for students

Submit a Nomination

How do I find an award or scholarship?
  1. Click on the individual award links in the left column to read the criteria
  2. View Scholarships where you will find descriptions and criteria
What are the deadlines to apply?
  1. Upcoming deadlines for both scholarships and awards are listed here or
How do I nominate someone for an award or how can I apply?

 Please visit Submission Instructions before starting your nomination.  Information and tips for nominators are included there.

When is the presentation of awards?

Most awards are presented at the Annual Conference held each fall in various locations. Recipients are honored with an evening ceremony and presentation of Awards by the current NACADA President and the Global Global Awards Committee Chair and hosted by the NACADA Board of Directors.