NACADA ELP Class 2020-2022

2020-2022 ELP Class.jpg

New Emerging Leaders and Mentors met virtually from June-October 2020 to create partnerships and begin development, conversation, and group-building. Partners developed goals pertaining to leadership in NACADA and will continue their work together over the two-year program.




Kerry Kincanon.jpg
Kerry Kincanon
Oregon State University


Philip & Kerry.jpg

Philip Aguinaga.jpgPhilip Aguinaga
University of North Texas

Philip's goals for the second ELP year are:

  • Serve on Undecided/Exploratory Advising Community Steering Committee
  • Serve on Career Advising Community Steering Committee
  • Present at Region 7 Conference
  • Begin research on advising and curriculum
Sam Murdock.jpg

Sam Murdock
Texas A&M University

Sam & Amber.jpg

Amber Bollinger.jpgAmber Bollinger
University of Florida (formerly College of Charleston)

Amber's goals for the second ELP year are:

  • Continue working with the PDC as chair of the web event subcommittee
  • Assist with the 2023 Annual Conference in some capacity
  • Continue involvement with the ATD community steering committee
Patricia MacMillan.jpg

Patricia MacMillan
Ontario Tech University

Maria & Patricia.jpg

Maria Domingo.jpgMaria Domingo
California State University San Bernardino

Maria's goals for the second ELP year are:

  • Work toward having an article on AAPI students published in a NACADA venue
  • Work on 2022 Annual Conference as poster chair
  • Begin foundation work for mentoring program for Region 9
  • Co-submit a proposal for region or annual conference
Christopher Kirchhof.jpg

Christopher Kirchhof
University of Pittsburgh

Leah & Chris.jpg

Leah Frierson.jpgLeah Frierson
Washington University in St Louis (formerly Duke University)

Leah's goals for the second ELP year are: 

  • Submit an article for Academic Advising Today
  • Serve on the Region 7 steering committee and contribute to executing an amazing Region 7 Conference

Jonathan Hallford.jpg

Jonathan Hallford
Auburn University

Bri & Jonathan.jpg

Bri Harvie.jpgBri Harvie
Mounty Royal University

Bri's goals for the second ELP year are:

  • submit a second article to Academic Advising Today 
  • Submit a proposal to present at the Annual Conference
  • Plan a successful Region Conference (co-chairing)
Christina Bowledg.jpg

Christina Bowles
Missouri State University

Cassie & Christina.jpg

Cassie Jacquez.jpgCassie Jacquez
Alamo College District
(formerly New Mexico State University)

Cassie's goals for the second ELP year are: 

  • Continue the process of establishing the Institutions Serving Hispanic Students Advising Community
  • Submit a proposal for 2022 annual conference
  • Become active in new region (7) by volunteering to support an initiative
Suanne Early.jpg

Suanne Early
University of Kentucky

Iyabode & Suanne.jpg

Iyabode Okoro.jpgIyabode Okoro
Indiana University School of Medicine

Iyabode's goals for the second ELP year are: 

  • Become a member of the ELP-AB
  • Contribute towards the First Generation Advising Community Research Committee
  • Write an article on First Generation College students
  • Conduct research on First Generation College students who have gone on to graduate school
  • Present ELP at Region 5 conference
Andrea Harris.jpg

Andrea Harris
Pepperdine University

Camille & Andrea.jpg

Camille Reid.jpgCamille Reid
Clayton State University
(formerly The University of West Georgia)

Camille's goals for the second ELP year are:

  • Attend Region 4 and Annual Conference 2022
  • Active participation in planning Region 4 and Annual conferences
  • Active participation in proposal, awards, and scholarship review/selection process
  • Continue to serve in the Education Majors Advising Community
  • Submit items for NACADA publishing opportunies and serve on a publishing committe  
Jesse Poole.jpg

Jesse Poole
Nevada State College

David & Jesse.jpg

David To.jpgDavid To
University of California-Irvine
(formerly San Diego State University)

David's goals for the Second ELP year are:

  • Lead a fitness, health & wellness activity session for the 2022 Region 9 Conference
  • Service as a volunteer for the 2022 Annual Conference
  • Host a virtual Asian, Pacific Islander & Desi American (APIDA) Networking Social in early 2022 as a follow up to the gathering that took place at the 2021 Annual Conference.
Maureen Schafer.jpg

Maureen Schafer
University of Iowa

Anna & Maureen.jpg

Anna Traykova,jpgAnna Traykova
Georgia Institute of Technology (formerly Kennesaw State University)

Anna's goal for the second ELP year are:

  • Complete and submit an article on 'Sleep for Success' for publication at Academic Advising Today
  • Submit a proposal for presentation at Region 4 Conference
  • Continue work on draft of a pocket guide on best practices for advisor hiring