NACADA ELP Class 2021-2023


2021-2023 ELP Class.jpg

New Emerging Leaders and Mentors met virtually from June-October 2021 to create partnerships and begin development, conversation, and group-building. Partners developed goals pertaining to leadership in NACADA and will continue their work together over the two-year program.




Scott Byington.jpg
Scott Byington
Central Carolina
Community College

Scott & Thomas.jpg

Thomas Beckwith.jpgThomas Beckwith
Santa Fe College 

Thomas' goals for the first ELP year are:

  • Submit an article for Academic Advising Today
  • Become more active in the Two-Year College Advising Community
  • Run for a Region 4 Steering Committee position
Wendy Schindler.jpg

Wendy Schindler
Northern Kentucky

Wendy & Jen.jpg

Jen Berry.jpgJen Berry
Indiana University-Bloomington 

Jen's goals for the first ELP year are:

  • Join and become active in at least two Advising Communities
  • Present at Region 5 and/or Annual Conferences
  • Assist in reviewing proposals or reading submissions, etc.
Cecilia Olivares.jpg

Cecilia Olivares
University of

Cecilia & Vanessa.jpg

Vanessa Correa.jpgVanessa Correa
George Mason University 

Vanessa's goals for the second ELP year are:

  • Submit proposal for the 2023 NACADA Annual Conference
  • Present at a Region or Annual NACADA Conference
  • Become more involved with Region 2 (to be determined at the conference in March 2023)
  • Explore leadership opportunities within the Advising High Achieving Students as well as the Social Justice communities
  • Submit an AAT article for inclusion in the December 2023 edition
Nathan Vickers.jpg

Nathan Vickers
University of Texas
at Austin 

Nathan & Carlota.jpg

Carlota Deseda-Coon.jpgCarlota Deseda-Coon
Syracuse University

Carlota's goals for the first ELP year are: 

  • Present at both the regional and annual conferences in 2022, with presenters across different institutions
  • Volunteer with Conference Committee for 2022 Region 1 Conference
  • Volunteer for Content Review and translation to Spanish of NACADA publications
  • Submit an article to the NACADA Journal
Wiona Porath.jpg

Wiona Porath
Johns Hopkins

Wiona & Cody.jpg

Cody Harrison.jpgChristopher (Cody) Harrison
Lincoln Memorial University

Cody's goals for the second ELP year are: 

  • Have at least 3 LGBTQA Advising Community events, 1 in conjunction with another AC
  • Recruit at least 2 people to run for LGBTQA AC Chair
  • Before the end of my time as an emerging leader, publish an article in the NACADA Journal.
Bill Johnson.jpg

Bill Johnson
University of North

Bill & Gerron.jpg

Gerron Scott.jpgGerron Scott
Virginia Commonwealth University

Gerron's goals for the second ELP year are:

  • Present research at a NACADA conference
  • Publish research article in a journal (within or outside NACADA)
  • Get involved with academic advising communities
Wendy Troxel.jpg

Wendy Troxel
Kansas State

Wendy & Winnie.jpg

Winnie Tang.jpgWinnie Tang
University of California-Sante Cruz

Winnie's goals for the second ELP year are:

  • Monthly meetings with  my mentor
  • Run for Probation, Dismissal, Reinstatement Advising Community Chair
  • Research readmission/reinstatement (and possibly submit a presentation proposal)
Kevin Thomas.jpg

Kevin Thomas
University of
Central Arkansas

Kevin & Kendra.jpg

Kendyl Walker,jpgKendyl Walker
University of MD, Baltimore County

Kendyl's goal for the second ELP year are:

  • Submit a proposal for a poster or concurrent session at the Annual Conference 
  • Get more involved with the High Achieving Student Advising Community
  • Get involved with the Region 2 Conference