2019-20 Scholarships Calendar

Our Scholarship season is closed for 2020. Thanks to all our applicants!  Look for a new awards/scholarships season to open October 2020. 

Questions about the scholarships?  Email Dawn Krause or call 785-532-0632

For Graduate Students

The following scholarships are for graduate students. Please read each scholarship's description for more details on eligibility.

  • Annual Conference Scholarship - for currently enrolled Master's or Ph.D. students, covers registration fees for Annual Conference attendance at the early bird rate.
  • NACADA Scholarship - for graduate student members currently enrolled in a Master's or Ph.D. program, this is a monetary award to support professional development of advisors.
  • Research Institute Scholarship - for currently enrolled Master's or Ph.D. students interested in research and development of scholarly works.  
  • Student Research Awards - a monetary award for research related to advising for NACADA members that are currently enrolled (or up to one year after program completion) in a Master's or Ph.D. program.

For Professionals

The following scholarships are open to a variety of advising professionals.  Please read each description carefully to determine eligibility.