• Two years experience as a professional advisor (or an equivalent position for countries outside the United States).
  • All positions held with at least 50% of the duties in direct advisement to students.
  • NACADA membership is not required at the time of application.
  • Please keep in mind that if a position has 50% or more of direct advising duties with students, then it does count as a professional advising position.  For example, if you are a Student Success Coach and 50% of your job duties comprise advising students, then you would count this position, in addition to any others with a more specific advising job title. Applicants must ensure that their resume is clearly marked with an accurate description of the positions and the percentages specified for each of their job duties. 
  • Current members of the Board of Directors and Council are not eligible for consideration for this award.  After the member’s term of office is over, they are then eligible for consideration.

COMMITMENT of Scholarship Recipients:

If you are chosen as a recipient, part of your responsibility will be to document your experiences so that we may promote the benefits of attendance to others. Recipients can opt to document their experiences in the following ways within 3 months of attendance at the event:

  • via social media using the International Conference hashtag
  • create a blog post for the NACADA blog here: https://nacada.wordpress.com/
  • write an article for possible publication by Academic Advising Today
  • craft a digital story of some type with photos/slides from your conference experiences
  • propose an alternative idea to Executive Office Liaison, Liz Alcantara, for approval
  • Application Components

    1. Completed application in the Nomination Submission Portal
    2. Advising Resume/Vitae.  Please limit entries to material that pertains directly to academic advising. Resume/vitae must include dates of your employment down to the month/year and evidence of at least 50% of the applicant's duties spent on direct advising of students.  Adding percentages along with job duties is highly recommended.  
    3. International Conference participation statement: a. List and describe the goals you hope to accomplish by attending the International Conference. b. In what ways would you like to extend your involvement in NACADA at the international level? c. Describe your interest in understanding advising across the globe and how you will apply this to your daily work and to your institution as a whole.
    4. Letters of recommendation (2)
      1. Two letters of recommendation from your institution's officials, at least one of which must be from your supervisor in support of your attendance at the Annual Conference.  These letters must be on institutional letterhead.  Letters should address the nominee's potential to realize the goals they laid out in their participation statement.  Nominators/applicants should upload the letters of recommendation as part of the pdf package.  These letters should not be sent separately to NACADA by those writing the recommendation as they should not contain anything that the nominee has not already seen.
    Application deadline: International Conference 2022 will not be held

    Presented to selected advising professionals with at least two years of academic advising experience where advising comprises at least 50% of their job duties.  This scholarship provides those selected with an opportunity to experience the International Conference.  The scholarship waives the early bird member registration fee to attend.  Travel and hotel expenses are the responsibility of the scholarship recipient.  The provision of this type of support upholds one of the primary goals of the Association, which is to offer comprehensive global professional development opportunities.

    These scholarships are made possible due to the success of the NACADA Silent Auction held during the Annual Conference and your donations.


    • Previous International Conference Scholarship recipients are not eligible. 
    • Only one nominee per institution will be considered.

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