NACADA Academic Advising Consultant and Speaker Service


Please note that our consultants are senior administrators at their universities and have full schedules.  Because of their campus obligations our consultants usually need at least two months or more notice in order to set up a campus visit.

The NACADA Academic Advising Consultants and Speakers Service (AACSS) can provide institutions assistance in two different ways.

First, the NACADA AACSS provides assistance to colleges and universities in the review, establishment, development, or reorganization of advising services. The AACSS provides institutions with individual or a team of consultants to provide a comprehensive and in-depth evaluation of the advising services across the campus or of an advising unit. The consultant or team of consultants will conduct an on-site study of the advising program which depending on the university or department can take two to three days.  After the review the team will provide both an oral and written report for the institution, if requested.  The reports will discuss the strengths and challenges found as well as provide a comprehensive set of recommendations that focus on improvements for the advising services on the campus.

Many institutions involved in Title III and Title V grants as well as other grant programs or who are preparing for accreditation visits or major campus initiatives focusing on student persistence, retention, and engagement have found the advising audits to be invaluable. 

To request a program evaluation please submit an evaluation review request form .

Second, the AACSS provides nationally recognized experts in the field of advising to give keynote or motivational speeches at institutional conferences, meetings, or other special events. In addition, speakers can be selected to conduct advisor development workshops for a variety of populations (administrators, faculty advisors, professional advisors, peer advisors, student groups) on a variety of topics. 

To request a speaker or workshop leader please submit a speaker request form. 

The AACSS matches institutions with experts in the advising fields most applicable to the institution's needs. Each consultant has specific skills and knowledge within various fields of expertise. The areas of consultant expertise includes a wide variety of fields such as advising delivery systems, program review, freshman advising and student retention to name only a few. The NACADA Executive Office will assist with the steps to match the best consultant for the institution. The Academic Advising Consultants and Speakers Service provides all of these services at a reasonable cost.  


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