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The NACADA Journal was founded in 1981. It is the biannual (published in June and December each year) refereed journal sponsored by NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising. The NACADA Journal exists to advance scholarly discourse about the research, theory and practice of academic advising in higher education. For more than 35 years the NACADA Journal has served as the preeminent authority on academic advising in higher education. Research is broadly defined by NACADA as “scholarly inquiry into all aspects of the advising interaction, the role of advising in higher education, and the effects that advising can have on students” (NACADA Task Force on the Infusion of Research, 2008). This definition is, in part, based on Boyer’s (1990) four elements of scholarship of discovery, integration, application, and teaching and grounded in a belief that research, theory, and practice are interconnected and dynamic. 

Readership: NACADA member receive print copies of the NACADA Journal as a benefit of membership. Electronically, the NACADA Journal is "open source" and can be accessed at http://nacadajournal.org/.

E-access to the articles listed below is available on the nacadajournal.org website hosted by Allen Press

Articles in NACADA Journal issue 39(1) include those listed below.  The issue was mailed to members in early August and can be accessed via the web at https://www.nacadajournal.org/toc/jnaa/39/1.  

  • An Advising Initiative for Online Students on Academic Probation. Authors: Nathan Miller, Katherine Greer, Lindsey Crozier, Stephanie Whitener, Jerry Patton, Julie Koffarnus
  • Augmented Advising. Authors: Joseph Lema and Jerome Agrusa
  • Validating Faculty Advising Through Assessment. Authors:  Julie E. Yonker, Dana Hebreard, Brian D. Cawley
  • Advising Student-Athletes For Success: Predicting the Academic Success and Persistence of Collegiate Student-Athletes. Authors: April Brecht and Dana Burnett
  • Direct Measure Assessment of Learning Outcome–Driven Proactive Advising for Academically At-Risk Students. Authors: Stephanie Kraft-Terry and Cheri Kau
  • Major Adjustment: Undergraduates' Transition Experiences When Leaving Selective Degree Programs. Authors: Helen Mulhern Halasz and Jennifer L. Bloom
  • The Professionalization of Academic Advising: A Structured Literature Review. Author: Craig M. McGill
  • The #acadv Community: Networked Practices, Professional Development, and Ongoing Knowledge Sharing in Advising. Authors: Laura A. Pasquini and Paul William Eaton

The next issue, 39(2), will feature articles honoring the legacy of Virginia Gordon.  That issue should be available in December 2019. 

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