Emerging Leaders Program Advisory Board

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Mission: The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) exists to encourage members from diverse groups to get involved in leadership opportunities within the organization; outfit participants with the skills and tools necessary to pursue leadership positions within NACADA; increase the number of leaders from diverse groups, and encourage and assist members of underrepresented populations to attend state, regional, or national conferences.

Function: The ELP Advisory Board's role is to

  • assist the Executive Office in identifying members from diverse backgrounds and encouraging them to apply to become an Emerging Leader or Mentor
  • make recommendations to the Executive Office regarding policies and procedures related to publicizing the program, the selection of ELP Classes, and funding of program participants
  • assist the Executive Office with development and implementation the programming/curriculum for the ELP Orientation sessions that take place at the Annual Conference
  • review Program progress on a regular basis and make recommendations to the Executive Office for changes or improvement

Membership: Most ELP-AB members have taken part in the program as an Emerging Leader and/or Mentor and are dedicated to utilizing their experience of the program to assist with its continuance and help improve it for future class members. ELP-AB members serve a two-year term and meet on-site yearly at the NACADA annual conference. Online meetings via the Zoom platform take place as needed throughout the year.

How to become involved in the ELP-AB. Those interested in becoming involved in the advisory board's work should review the "ELP-AB Member Roles & Responsibilities" document in the Member Responsibilities module in the right-hand column of this page, and then contact Executive Office ELP Coordinator, Leigh Cunningham.

Current Chair

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Amy Korthank
University of Iowa






Amy Korthank, Chair (2018-2020), University of Iowa (Region 6) (2016-2020)
Heather Doyle, Immediate Past Chair (2016-2018), Dalhousie University (Region 1) (2013-2019)
Carol Pollard, ELP Historian, University of North Texas (Region 7) (2008-2020)
Autumn Grant, Wheaton College (Region 1) (2016-2020)
Neena Fink, Southern New Hampshire University (Region 1) (2019-2021)
Tara Maroney, New York State School Boards Association (Region 1) (2019-2021)
Tania Alvarez, Old Dominion University (Region 2) (2018-2020)
Rebecca Daly Cofer, Georgia College & State University (Region 3) (2015-2019)
Jared Burton, Fayetteville State University (Region 3) (2017-2021)
Domonique Carter, North Carolina State University (Region 3) (2019-2021)
Fai Howard, University of South Florida (Region 4) (2017-2019)
Locksley Knibbs, Florida Gulf Coast University (Region 4) (2018-2020)
Amy Brock, Auburn University (Region 4) (2019-2021)
Patricia MacMillan, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Region 5) (2018-2020)
Meagan Hagerty, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Region 6) (2016-2020)
Breanne Flores-Contreras, Texas A&M University (Region 7) (2017-2019)
Kathy Davis, Missouri State University (Region 7) (2019-2021)
Amanda Mather, Texas A&M University-Qatar (Region 7/International) (2019-2021)
Anna Chow, Washington State University (Region 8) (2015-2019)
Sally Garner, University of Oregon (Region 8) (2017-2019)
Gayle Juneau-Butler, Studer Education (Region 9) (2018-2020)
Brandan Lowden, Pikes Peak Community College (Region 10) (2017-2019)
Sarah Maddox, Colorado State University (Region 10 (2018-2020)
Leigh Cunningham, ELP Coordinator, Executive Office