Emerging Leaders Program Advisory Board


Mission: The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) exists to encourage members from diverse groups to get involved in leadership opportunities within the organization; outfit participants with the skills and tools necessary to pursue leadership positions within NACADA; increase the number of leaders from diverse groups, and encourage and assist members of underrepresented populations to attend state, regional, or national conferences.

Function: The ELP Advisory Board's role is to

  • assist the Executive Office in identifying members from diverse backgrounds and encouraging them to apply to become an Emerging Leader or Mentor
  • make recommendations to the Executive Office regarding policies and procedures related to publicizing the program, the selection of ELP Classes, and funding of program participants
  • assist the Executive Office with development and implementation the programming/curriculum for the ELP Orientation sessions that take place at the Annual Conference
  • review Program progress on a regular basis and make recommendations to the Executive Office for changes or improvement

Membership: Most ELP-AB members have taken part in the program as an Emerging Leader and/or Mentor and are dedicated to utilizing their experience of the program to assist with its continuance and help improve it for future class members. ELP-AB members serve a two-year term and meet on-site yearly at the NACADA annual conference. Online meetings via the Zoom platform take place as needed throughout the year.

How to Get Involved

Those interested in becoming involved in the advisory board's work should review the "ELP-AB Member Roles & Responsibilities" document in the Member Responsibilities module in the right-hand column of this page, and then contact Joan Krush, ELP-AB Executive Office Liaison (ELP Program Coordinator).

Advisory Board Chair (2022-2024)

Jared Burton.jpg
Jared Burton
Pima County Community College



Jared Burton, Chair (2022-2024) Pima County Community College (Region 10) (2017-2023)
Amy Korthank, Past Chair (2018-2020), University of Iowa (Region 6) (2016-2024)
Carol Pollard, ELP Historian, University of North Texas (Region 7) (2008-2024)
Tara Maroney, New York State School Boards Association (Region 1) (2019-2023)
Chris Kirchhof, University of Pittsburgh (Region 2) (2022-2024)
Domonique Carter, North Carolina State University (Region 3) (2019-2023)
Amy Brock, Auburn University (Region 4) (2019-2023)
Jonathan Hallford, Auburn University (Region 4) (2022-2024)
Patricia MacMillan, Ontario Tech (Region 5) (2018-2024)
Iyabode Okoro, Indiana University School of Medicine (Region 5) (2021-2023)
Leonor Wangensteen, University of Notre Dame (Region 5) (2020-2024)
Maureen Schafer, University of Iowa (Region 6) (2022-2024)
Leah Frierson, Washington University in St Louis (Region 7) (2022-2024)
Kevin Thomas, University of Central Arkansas (Region 7) (2021-2023)
Andrea Harris, Pepperdine University (Region 9) (2021-2023)
Brandan Lowden, Pikes Peak Community College (Region 10) (2022-2024)
Joan Krush, ELP Coordinator, Executive Office 

Subcommittee Assignments

(NOTE: The Advisory Board Chair is a member of all subcommittees but will appoint sub-chairs as appropriate)

Emerging Leader Accomplishments


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Wednesday, March 1

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Wednesday, July 12

at noon central via Zoom. Contact the EO Liaison for information about future virtual meetings.