Global Initiatives Committee

The Committee on Global Initiatives assists with the recruitment, retention and support of international academic advising professionals through developing and implementing strategies and activities. The Committee will work in partnership with the EO and other committees. The committee will assist the EO in determining professional development opportunities for our global members, which may include but are not limited to research, publications, webcasts, symposiums, institutes, and conferences. The Committee will assist, if needed, in the planning and implementing of the opportunities.

Membership: Committee members must be NACADA members. Committee members are appointed by the Committee Chair with the approval by the Division Reps from recommendations from other leaders throughout the organization or by members contacting the GIC showing interest in an appointment. GIC will recruit a diverse committee membership to ensure global representation that informs the work of the GIC. The Committee Chair must have completed, prior to taking office, a full term as a respective committee member. Membership is for a two-year renewable term. 

The GIC is composed of a Chair and 15 members-at-large. The GIC meet yearly on-site at the NACADA annual conference. Online meetings via the Zoom platform take place as needed throughout the year.

How to get involved with the GIC: Individuals interested in assisting with the GIC and/or in becoming a member of the GIC should review the committee's role and function and can contact the Chair or EO Liaison for more information and/or to express their interest in participating

Current Committee Chair

Mehvash AliAmerican University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE (2018-2020)


Susan Corner, University of Victoria, Canada (2018-2020)

Efronsini Hortis, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, US (representing Greece) (2018-2020)

Siham Al Zahidi, Abu Dhabi,, UAE (2018-2020)

Penny Robinson, UKAT representative, United Kingdom (2016-2019)

Denise Malloy, University of Rochester, United States (2016-2019)

Yisi Zhan, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (2016-2019)

Chris Hutt, Kennesaw State University, United States (2017-2019)

Kathy Stockwell, United States (2018-2020)

Daniel Ugwuede, American University of Nigeria, Nigeria (2018-2020)

Liu Yang, South Puget Sound Community College, United States (2018-2020)

Rubab Jafry O'Connor, Carnegie Mellon University, United Sates (2018-2020)

Thea de Kluiver, University of Twente, the Netherlands (2018-2020)

Ivette Barbosa, Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis (2018-2020)

Karen Sullivan-Vance, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, International Conf. Adv. Board representative

Rhonda Baker, NACADA liaison