Function: The Global Conference Advisory Board is charged  with working with the NACADA Executive Office, the Global Initiatives Committee, and the yearly international conference committee to provide support to ensure the highest quality international conferences are held each year. The responsibilities of the Advisory Board may include, but are not limited to, assisting in identifying sites for the conference, in identifying chairs for the conference, in identifying conference themes and speakers, and in identifying the methods of assessing the effectiveness of the conference annually.

Membership: Advisory board members serve a two-year appointment and meet yearly at the NACADA Annual Conference. Members are asked to participate in a listserv and to join subcommittees when projects arise. The advisory board members are chosen with the intent of showing representation across the globe. Attendance at a NACADA international conference is necessary to be considered an appointment.

How to Get Involved

Representation from across the globe is the intention. It is our goal to keep the board diversified. Interested persons need to have attended at least one NACADA international conference and be a current member of NACADA. If interested in joining the advisory board, please contact Karen Sullivan-Vance. New members are identified and selected each spring.

Advisory Board Chair (2022-2024)

Ling Gao LeBeau, Chair, Syracuse University, United States


Laura Bey, Duke University, United States (2022-2024) 
Susan Corner, University of Victoria, Canada (2022-2024)
Efronisi Hortis   Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, United States (2021-2023)
Margaret Mbindyo, Millersville University, United States, (2022-2024)
Meredith Powell Auburn University, United States (2021-2023)
Ling Gao LeBeau Syracuse University, United States (2021-2023)
George Steele Retired, The Ohio State University, United States(2021-2023)
Gugu Tiroyabone The University of the Free State, South Africa (2023-2025)
Wuriyeti (Harriet) Litip, Tsninghua University, China (2022-2024)
Cara Wiley Brigham Young University, United States (2021-2023)
Yoshinobu Onishi, Chiba University, Japan (2022-2024)
Sean BridgenNACADA EO Liaison


Next Meeting

The Global Conference Advisory Board meets monthly. For more information contact EO liaison Sean Bridgen at 

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