NACADA/NCAA Advisory Board

NCAA Advisory Board

Mission: The mission of the NACADA / NCAA Advisory Board is to develop and implement professional development programs and services for academic advisors, academic counselors, and academic and athletic administrators/staff who advise and provide academic support for student-athletes on college and university campuses and to support a strong and enduring partnership between NACADA and the NCAA.

Function: The Advisory Board will advise the Executive Office on strategies and activities for providing services to members and for organizational operations specifically related to NACADA partnership with the NCAA and advising student athletes.

Membership: Due to the nature of this Advisory Board's work, membership primarily consists of diverse and experienced NACADA volunteers: (1) current and immediate past NCAA Advisory Board chair, (2) current Advising Student Athletes Advising Community chair (3) NCAA Liaison (4) additional at-large positions, and (5) the association’s Executive Director. Additionally, we seek membership representing NACADA’s diverse composition of people and institutions; specifically this includes those from two and four-year, private and public, domestic and international institutions. Members serve a two-year term and meet on-site yearly at the NACADA annual conference. Online meetings via the Zoom platform take place as needed throughout the year.

How to Get Involved

Experienced members with an interest in working with the partnership of the NCAA and NACADA  and advising student-athletes and whose background fits at least one of the roles previously described please complete the NCAA Advisory Board -Member Interest Form and email it to Elisa Shaffer, Advisory Board Liaison.  New members are identified and selected each spring. 

Advisory Board Members

Kaydee Emperley, Washburn University

The Chair of the Advisory Board facilitates the work of the group by:

  • Working with the Executive Office staff on issues that need attention or discussion.
  • Facilitating Advisory Board discussion on issues via email and/or conference calls.
  • Facilitating Advisory Board meetings during the Annual Conference.
  • Working with the Executive Office and the President on appointment of new members each year.
  • Providing written reports to the Board of Directors at least twice annually.


Kaydee Emperley, Chair (Member At-Large 2017-2020, Chair 2020-2022)
Lisa Rubin, Chair, (Member At-Large 2015-2018, Chair 2018-2020, Past Chair 2020-2022)
Lynda Moore, Student-Athletes Advising Community Chair (2019-2021)
Curtis Evans, Member At-Large (2019-2021)
Tammy James, Member At-Large (2019-2023)
Amy Lintner, Member At-Large (2019-2023)
Katharine Moffat, Member At-Large (2017-2022)
Will Lewis, Member At-Large, (2017-2022)
Samira Payne, Member At-Large (2019-2021)

DeAnna Wiley, NCAA, Ex Officio
Charlie Nutt, NACADA Executive Office Liaison
Elisa Shaffer, NACADA Executive Office Liaison

Next Meeting

The 2022 Annual Meeting will take place virtually in November. Contact the EO Liaison to attain the Zoom link.

Contact EO Liaison, Elisa Shaffer, for information about future meetings.

Committee Information

Admin Division Chair Handbook

Committee Leaders and Member History


  • Update and improve Academic Success and the Student-Athlete course content for NACADA summer course through potential partnership with N4A
  • Develop a pre-conference workshop for the 2020 Annual Conference as advanced curriculum to build off of summer course 
  • Offer Munch and Learn sessions once per semester 
  • Update course facilitator guide with curriculum changes