Advising Communities Division

The Advising Communities Division (ACD) represents members with special advising areas of interest and is comprised of ~40 communities that are represented on the NACADA Council by two Division Representatives.

Lizbeth AlcantaraExecutive Office Liaison to the Advising Communities Division 



Advising Communities

NACADA Advising Communities provide members the opportunity to engage with other professionals in areas such as similar institution types, academic areas, interests, or student populations.  All current members can join up to 4 Advising Communities.  All Communities are involved in:

  • Advancing NACADA’s strategic goals
  • Proposing and facilitating professional development activities around Community topics to engage members
  • Providing resources to advance the professional development of members while focusing on the specific area of the Community

The ACD helps advisors help students! 

Division Representatives

2022-2024 (appointed)
Tony Lazarowicz
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

2023-2025 (elected)
Greg Mason
Penn State University-University Park

Division Reports

Visit our ACD Reports home to view submissions of the Division reports and individual Advising Community reports by year.