The Council is comprised of representatives from the three Divisions plus the Vice President and the Executive Director. The Council receives recommendations from Divisions on policies, procedures, and programs to meet member needs and to advance the association. The Council members review these issues and either refers them back for further study or advances them to the Board with priority recommendations for implementation.


Council Directory

Michelle Smith Ware Vice President (2021-2022), Board Member (2019-2022), University of St Thomas

Cynthia Pascal, Administration Division Representative, (appointed 2021-2023), Northern Virginia Community College

Wiona Porath, Administrative Division Representative (elected, 2020-2022), Johns Hopkins University, (410)516-8216

Gavin Farber Advising Communities Division Representative, (elected 2021-2023), Temple University

Wendy Schindler, Advising Communities Division Representative, (appointed, 2020-2022), Northern Kentucky University, (859) 572-5181

Leah Panganiban, Regional Division Representative (appointed, 2021-2023), University of Washington

Christopher Kirchhof, Regional Division Representative, (elected, 2020-2022), University of Pittsburg, (860) 416-0502

Melinda Anderson, NACADA Executive Director, Executive Office, Kansas State University, (785) 532-5717