Advising First-Year Students Community Goals & Objectives

  • Help reach out to members to identify areas that need improvement on their campus in work with first year students and promote NACADA programming and presentations that address these issues.
  • Work to make the listserv more active in addressing issues in first year advising
  • Collect and post documents/resources used in working with first year students
2018-2019 Strategic Goals
  • Increase the number of NACADA members in the Advising First-Year Students Community.
  • Continue to post monthly “Hot Topics” on our Facebook page and invite members to post ideas pertaining to the monthly “Hot Topic”. This will allow communication among members of the Advising First-Year Students Community in addition to providing thoughtful ideas that are responsive to the needs of advisors.
  • Continue to post monthly “Resource Spotlight” on our Facebook page.
  • Solicit members of Advising First-Year Community to read NACADA proposals. After reading, forward recommendation to accept proposals. Gain insight into what academic advisors are involved in.
  • First year Advising community presenters will gain experience in presenting at a national conference and NACADA members will gain from the information presented.