Advising High Achieving Students Community

High Achieving Students AC Poster at ACD Fair, Phoenix, 2018

This community identifies and addresses issues pertaining to high achieving college students.  The Steering Committee defines high achieving students as individuals who demonstrate exceptional performance in academic (e.g. high GPA, awards/honors/distinctions) as well as complex experiential pursuits (e.g. Honors program, community-based, leadership, research, internships, creative, political, athletic), and/or display certain personal qualities (e.g. intrinsic motivation, self-directed, resourceful, intellectually curious, goal-oriented, diversity of interests, love of learning).  Ongoing discussions focus on identifying and recruiting high achieving students of diverse backgrounds, administering honors programs, teaching high-achieving students, developing enriched curricular opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom, helping students manage their mental, physical,  and social wellbeing, and advising strategies to use when interacting with this student population. 


How To Connect Or Get Involved

 How can I connect with community members?

  • Join our listserv. See the link on the right of the page for directions. NACADA membership is not required. Anyone can post a question share a resource they found valuable, ask others if they are interested in joining together to submit proposal for presentations at regional and national conferences.
  • Join our Facebook page. NACADA membership is not required. Just like the listserv, this is a place to network, contribute ideas, and seek input from others.
  • Join our community as a member. See How to Update Your Advising Community preferences
  • Join our Slack community. See archived discussions, access resources on advising high achieving students, and connect with fellow advisors. NACADA membership is not required. Email the current chair for access.

Can I be actively involved in the community even if I can't attend a NACADA conference?
YES! Members can review conference proposals, contribute to our community resources webpage, participate in listserv and Facebook exchanges, and contribute to other current goals of the community. Please contact the Chair for more information.





Current Chair





Emmanuel Garcia
The University of Texas at Arlington