Advising Community on Distance Advising for Online Education

This community is dedicated to providing advisors with resources and insight into best practices relating to distance advising in online education. Advisors within this community can network with professionals who are responsible for providing advising services to students whose primary method of instruction is online.

  • Kati Larsen
    Kati Larsen Chair 2022-2024 Dakota State University Region 6
  • Cat McGraw 2023-2024 University of Oregon
  • Elizabeth Hobbs 2023-2024 American Public University
  • Gina Bolin 2023-2024 Augusta University
  • Jennifer Griffin 2023-2024 University of West Florida
  • Kristin Carknard 2023-2024 Excelsior University
  • Marilee Hettie 2023-2024 Excelsior University
  • Nicole Raymond 2023-2024 University of Florida