LGBTQA Advising and Advocacy Community

The LGBTQA Advising and Advocacy Community was established in 1997 as an educational platform for NACADA. We provide opportunities and resources for professional growth to advance and enhance advising practices for the development and success of LGBTQA+ students.

We strive to increase support for all students who identify as LGBTQA+ by creating opportunities for advisors to grow as welcoming, accepting, educated, and supportive educators. 

We strive to provide opportunities for LGBTQA+ advisors to learn to thrive in their career and for other advisors to learn how to be effective and supportive allies. 

We strive to support colleges and universities globally by educating our colleagues on the importance of inclusion and the beauty of diversity.

Past Online Discussions

March 2022

Breaking Down Assessment of Academic Advising: The Assessment Cycle and Student Learning Outcomes

Discussion with the authors of the recently created NACADA pocket guide, Breaking Down Assessment of Academic Advising: The Assessment Cycle and Student Learning Outcomes, on Thursday, March 17, 12:00-1:00pm CST. The authors, Rich Robbins, Marsha Miller, and Kathy Zarges will provide a summary of the two primary topics in the pocket guide: An overview of the assessment cycle and creation of student learning outcoems for advising. 

Presenters: Rich Robbins, Bucknell University; Kathy Zargas, Kent State University; Marsha Miller, Emerita, Kansas State University

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Quarterly Queeries

June 2021

Quarterly Queeries: A discussion with the editors of the upcoming book Advising Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer College Students.

This discussion based series invites members of the advising community to learn and reflect on various topics connected to the LGBTQIA+ student and staff experience. During our next Quarterly Queeries, we will be discussing the upcoming book: Advising Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer College Students. Edited by Craig McGill and Jennifer Joslin. Foreword by Kristen A. Renn. Pre-order a copy of the book! 

Author Biographies 

Presented by: Gerda Zinner, LGBTQA AC Chair, University of Tennessee Chattanooga | Craig McGill – Co-editor of the book, Kansas State University | Jennifer Joslin – Co-editor of the book, Drury University | Sarah E. Stevens, University of Southern Indiana | Pat Tetreault, University of Nebraska-Lincoln | Wendy Schindler, Northern Kentucky University | Michael Kocet, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology | CJ Venable, University of Nebraska-Lincoln | Aurelio Valente, National Louis University | Ashley Thomas, NACADA Executive Office 


Here is some text from the back cover of the book:

Changes on college and university campuses have echoed changes in U.S. popular culture, politics, and religion since the 1970s through unprecedented visibility of LGBTQA persons and issues. In the face of hostile campus cultures, LGBTQA students rely on knowledgeable academic advisors for support, nurturance, and the resources needed to support their persistence. This edited collection offers theoretical understanding of the literature of the field, practical strategies that can be implemented at different institutions, and best practices that helps students, staff, and faculty members understand more deeply the challenges and rewards of working constructively with LGBTQA students. In addition, allies in the field of academic advising (both straight/cis-identified and queer) reflect on becoming an ally, describe obstacles and challenges they have experienced (and perhaps currently experience), and offer advice to those seeking to deepen their commitment to allyhood.


February 2021

Quarterly Queeries: Working with Nonbinary Students

Join the LGBTQA Advising and Advocacy Community for our first Quarterly Queeries of 2021!

For the first installment of quarterly queeries of 2021, the LGBTQA Advising and Advocacy Community will be hosting a dialogue between NACADA members and our steering committee on ways we work to best support our nonbinary students. This will start out with steering committee members taking a few moments to share some of our practices, but the primary goal is structured dialogue. It is our hope that participants come away from this event with a better understanding of issues that impact nonbinary students in general, as well as specific ways to help support this historically marginalized population through advising. The event is welcome to all regardless of current knowledge level.

Presented by: Jason Brummett, Jackie Graves, Scott Hilgadiack, Michelle Lam, Kelsie Potter, Jake Rudy, Amanda William, Michael Woodward


July 2020

The first of the Quarterly Queeries discussion series was in July 2020 and focused on reflections on Pride Month during the time of COVID-19. 


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Cody Harrison (He/They)
Lincoln Memorial University

Current Term: 2022-2024

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