Advising Community on Probation/Dismissal/ Reinstatement Issues

The PDR Issues community was created in 1998 with the intent to serve all NACADA members with an interest in discussing and sharing their expertise regarding programs, services and strategies that impact students facing Probation, Dismissal and Reinstatement. The community has an active list serve for the exchange of information and networking. It also has a website with links to member submitted samples of policies, programs, and forms such as contracts used in the advisement of PDR students at a variety of institutions. New submissions for posting to the web site are actively encouraged.


The mission of the Probation, Dismissal, Reinstatement Issues community is to provide an active forum for members of NACADA to share information and insights regarding students who have met with academic difficulties. Topics of interest to this group include intrusive programs that increase student academic success, levels of institutional support for students in academic difficulty, academic standards and dismissal policies, criteria for academic reinstatement, various 'fresh start' options, or other related topics.

  • Winnie Tang
    Winnie Tang Chair 2023-2025 University of California-Santa Cruz Region 9