The Small Colleges and Universities Advising Community

The Small Colleges and Universities Advising Community focuses on issues of concern to those whose professional setting is the smaller institution.

It provides a forum—through community-sponsored sessions at the national conference, an e-mail list, and Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages—to facilitate sharing ideas, gathering information, and raising questions. Making connections with others in similar circumstances is important, since those at smaller institutions may wear many hats and may be the only persons on their campuses whose work centers on advising. Topics discussed have included assessment, registration, working with faculty advisors, degree-audit programs, “safety nets” for students in trouble, working with parents.

Two-Three things you need to know about working with this Community:

  • Advisors at small institutions can increase their efficiency and effectiveness by identifying beneficial collaborations with other advisors, offices, and institutions.
  • Advisors at under resourced and under-represented institutions can benefit from free SCUAC resources like the Listserv, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Pages.

  • Jill Oberfeitinger
    Jill Oberfeitinger Chair 2022-2024 Tusculum University Region 3