Goals & Objectives

  • Promote the use of theory and philosophy as foundational to the practice and study of the field of academic advising. Communicating the value and utility of theory and philosophy with the aim of dispelling the misconceptions about them.
  • Provide a place for discussion and collaboration among members of NACADA who are currently interested in reading, reflecting, and finding ways to use theory and philosophy in their work.
  • Encourage more NACADA members to consider reading in a theoretical area they find interesting and that relates to their work.

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2020-2021 Strategic Goals
  • Expand and communicate the scholarship of academic advising.
  • Provide professional development opportunities that are responsive to the needs of advisors and advising administrators


2018-2019 Strategic Goals
  • TPHAC members will participate in the TPH Webcast series by attending or presenting.
  • NACADA members will engage in the production and consumption of scholarship related to Theory, Philosophy, and History.