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April 2021

Removing colonial elements from advising: Developing culturally responsive advising practices

Presented by: Dr. Doris Wright Carroll, Kansas State University 

Academic advisors and administrators do not imagine themselves as perpetuating colonial practices. Yet, our colleges still have colonial roots that are ever-present in the classroom and within advising practice. The purpose of this program is to identify colonial learning structures that are present within academic advising. It helps academic advisors and administrators recognize colonial learning structures and replace them with culturally responsive advising practices. This program offers positive, affirming advising strategies that support all advisees and strengthen advising practice. 

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2020: Three-part series: Writing a Personal Philosophy of Advising

Presented by: Kate Bernas, Associate Director, Wayne State University's Advisor Training Academy.

Writing a statement of advising philosophy is an important professional development experience and is considered one of the essential Relational Competencies in the NACADA Core Competency model. This three-part series will take advisors through the steps to prepare, write, review, and maintain this living document. Attendees for session 1 will have an opportunity to select or be assigned a writing partner to aide in accountability and feedback, with the goal of completing your statement by the end of session 3. 

Session 1: Introduction and Preparation

This session will provide an overview of the first three steps of the process that lead to a draft of a Personal Philosophy of Advising (PPA). Attendees will be provided numerous resources to begin the writing process and will have an opportunity to select or be assigned a writing partner to aide in accountability and provide constructive feedback.

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Session 2: Revision and Reflection

The second session will serve as a check-in on the writing process and allow for feedback on the utilization of PPA partnerships. We will also discuss the editing and revision process and provide an affirming space for feedback on your progress.

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Session 3Maintenance and Application

This final session will cover the possible uses of a PPA and how it can be incorporated into one's advising practice and record of professional accomplishments. Additional discussion will be spent on the importance of maintaining the document into the future and reflection on all aspects of the writing process.

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April 2020 Discussion

The Slow Advisor: Taking a Principled Stance in an Age of Immediacy

Presented by: Ryan Scheckel 

April 2019 Discussion

Presented by: George Steele and Eric White

Authors George Steele and Eric White discuss their article published in The Mentor:  Leadership in Higher Education: Insights from Academic Advisers.  

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September 2018 Discussion

Killing Joy: Sara Ahmed, Bad Feelings, and Advising

Presented by: CJ Venable

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April 2018 Discussion

Medieval Foundations of a 21st Century Profession: The Value of Historical Narratives to Academic Advising

Presented by: Wojciech Bełtkiewicz, PhDIndiana University - Bloomington
Lawyers have Cicero. Physicians have Hippocrates. Nurses have Florence Nightingale.  Who are the great professional forefathers (or foremothers) of academic advisors? 

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January 2018 Discussion

The Problem of Dualism in Academic Advising - A Deweyan Critique 

Presented by: Kurt Xyst, Lead Academic Advisor in Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising at the University of Washington

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Ethics & Advising Discussion from 2017


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