NACADA Global Community

NACADA's members can be found in over 30 countries! 

In 2012 NACADA officially became the Global Community for Academic Advising. NACADA has worked to expand its global reach. NACADA is committed to advancing the field of academic advising by providing networking opportunities and supporting professional development for the global community of academic advisors. We hope you will enjoy this video put together by members from around the world welcoming you to NACADA.  

Charlie Nutt
NACADA Director

Friendship Network

Join the Friends Network to get matched with advisors looking for informal means of communicating with other advisors. Learn about NACADA and advising practices from each other through casual conversations over email, phone, or any means the matched pairs decide upon.

If you would like to participate in the NACADA Friends Network, please fill out the form here. The end of October, the Global Initiatives Committee will then match the participants and provide them with each other’s contact information. The matched pairs can then connect with each other and exchange ideas or information as they see fit. 

VAP Logo

The VAP is designed to advance and support professional development objectives and goals of advising staff through in-person and virtual projects. VAPs support mutual educational and cultural exchanges between institutions across the globe. Applications are now being accepted. Visit the VAP web page to learn more about this great program!

International Conferences - Upcoming

June 21-24, 2021 

Athens  Greece

Call for Proposals opens January 2, 2021..  


If your institution has campuses in other countries or if you are interested in your country hosting the International Conference, please review the below Cover Letter and Request for Proposals.

Cover Letter
Request for Proposal

Global Allies

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