NACADA Global Advising Week

It is NACADA’s 40th birthday this year!  May 2, 1979 was the official date when our articles of incorporation were signed creating NACADA. To honor the 40th anniversary and celebrate the advising profession around the world, we established NACADA Global Advising Week from May 3-9, 2020. During the first week in May every year, we will celebrate the work of advisors, tutors, personal tutors, counselors and coaches that advise students around the globe. The global celebration, co-sponsored by UKAT & LVSA, is our week to celebrate and honor academic advising in its many impactful forms. All the events for this week are free and open to all. 

Schedule of the Week

We are still adding events and links to this listing, so check back for full details! 

May 3, 2020

1. NACADA Executive Office Global "Wave" video shout out to all the advising professionals, personal tutors, counselors and coaches that are at the heart of the profession.  


2.  UKAT shares their recipe for advising success with this video from their team. 

3. How to Get the Most Out of Your NACADA Membership presentation by Jesse Poole from Nevada State College and current Chair of the Membership, Recruitment & Retention Committee, as well as Incoming Chair 2020-22, Lindsey Byrd from Coastal Alabama Community College. View the recording. 

 May 4, 2020

1. Global Connection Series: Value of Relationships for Developing Students and Staff Mehvash Ali, Director of Academic Support Services, American University of Sharjah
Description: NACADA stresses the importance of the advising relationship. This is exemplified by the inclusion of the relational component as one of the three key competencies advisors must develop in order to contribute to student success. Relationships are also important for having a cohesive well-functioning advising team. We will look at how people develop and grow and how we can best leverage relationships to facilitate progress and change for our students and for advisors themselves.

2. Celebrating the #NACADAfamily - Adventures in Advising Podcast - Matt Markin and Colum Cronin are at it again with their podcast series. This edition features NACADA President Erin Justyna from Texas Tech University Health Science Center, NACADA Incoming Vice President Megumi Makino-Kanehiro from the University of Hawaii-Manoa, and NACADA Executive Director Charlie Nutt.

3. LVSA: Working from Home – Globally Connected” 
On the occasion of Global Advising Week, the Dutch academic advisors united in LVSA, the National Association for Study Advisors, join their NACADA and UKAT colleagues in celebrating advising and the importance of the global connection.

May 5, 2020

1. Global Partnerships Supporting Students - a panel discussion of how NACADA, UKAT, and LVSA work to impact student success and how we partner to meet our missions of student success. This panel features David Grey, CEO of UKAT - UK Advising and Tutoring, Oscar van den Wijngaard, NACADA Board of Directors member and a member of LVSA, and NACADA Executive Director, Charlie Nutt.

2. Yoga 101: Gentle Yoga for Advisors with Jennifer Payne, an Academic Advisor at the University of Mississippi.  She is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor. This session is open to all levels from beginner to advanced yogis. By connecting breath to movement, hopefully advisors can relieve stress and be more present in their professional and personal lives.

3. Assessing Basic Needs: Opportunities (Yes, Opportunities!) for Institutions, Advisors and Students to Connect in a Time of Crisis and Change discussion by Experiences with Students in the Foster Care System Advising Community.
Description: During the COVID-19 pandemic, students with experience in the foster care system, or any student in crisis, may be struggling to stay connected and feel supported by their college campuses. Join us for a conversation about community and college resources, sharing what is working at our schools and roadblocks that need addressed.

May 6, 2020
  1. Prisms of Praxis: Embracing and Owning the Scholarship of Advising presented by the Director of NACADA's Center for Research at Kansas State University, Wendy Troxel.

 2. Video message from Tom Grites, one of NACADA's longest standing members as he discusses the importance of advising and NACADA's impact. 

3. Award Winner Wednesday - review the 2020 Global Award Winners. NACADA is proud to recognize the accomplishments and achievements of outstanding advisors, programs and scholars annually at the global, as well as regional levels. View the Blog Post

4. Crossing Time Zones with the Global Engagement and Small Colleges & Universities Advising Communities - The Global Engagement and Small Colleges & Universities Advising Communities discuss the differences and considerations in educational systems across the globe. Find out how advising/counseling works in other countries!  Presenters include Penny Robinson from UKAT representing United Kingdom, Dr. Catherine Mann, University of Melbourne representing Australia, Efrosini Hortis, Chair of the Global Engagement Advising Community representing Greece, Caitlin Rovner of Chadron State University, Joe Ryan of Midway University and Jaimie Engle, Chair of the Small Colleges & Universities Advising Community and from DePaul University. 

May 7, 2020

  • Publish with NACADA, Live Presentation presented by Ashley Thomas, NACADA's Assistant Director of Resources.

  • Your Advising Philosophy: Built from the ground up Live Workshop
    Co-sponsored by the Advisor Training & Development Advising Community and presented by Jaclyn Graves, Academic Advisor at Temple University, Dr. Amanda Neuber, Associate Director of Temple University Honors Program and Dr. A. Musu Davis, Administrative Director of the SAS Honors Program at Rutgers University.
    1. Description: This workshop will guide you through meaningful reflection of your advising practice, and provide you the tools for building and articulating your own advising philosophy. With the right framework, you can express your advising purpose and define your personal brand. Q&A with the presenters will complete this interactive session.
      Advising Philosophy Fillable Form
      Additional Resources

May 8, 2020
  1. Advising in Turbulent Times presentation by Karen Sullivan-Vance, Associate Vice Provost at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.  This presentation was originally produced by UKAT and they kindly shared it with NACADA. 

  2. Setting Sail to Mid-Level Advisor Success: Embracing the Real ‘Unsung Heroes’ of NACADA at 8am PDT|9am MDT||10am CDT|11amEDT. This panel presentation will be moderated by Gavin Farber, Temple University, Dr. Locksley Knibbs, Florida Gulf Coast University and Lisa Yamin, Virginia Commonwealth University
    i. Description: In a competitive profession like higher education, the climb to the top can be difficult. When promotions are unavailable to mid-level professionals, it can be challenging for them to feel appreciated in their role. In reality, when a vertical path is unavailable at an institution, it could be horizontal movements that afford the best opportunities for aiding in professional branding. Learn how you can forge a rich, rewarding career independent of the conventional “climbing the ladder” approach and can engage in your own #HorizonalBranding on and off campus. This session is open to all with a limit of 500 in the Zoom room. View the Slides and/or the WorksheetView the Recording

May 9, 2020

1. Fifteen Minutes of Space: Yoga, Breath, and Mindfulness for Advisor Well-being - join Elizabeth Sutton as she leads advisors through a guided meditation for relaxation and refocusing. Liz Sutton is the Director of Advising, Wharton Undergraduate Division at the University of Pennsylvania

2. NACADA Blog Post - NACADA Executive Director, Charlie Nutt, recaps the inaugural Global Advising Week.

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Ways to Say Thank You

  • Administrators and colleagues could send thank you notes to advising staff, by email or with online greetings via social media.
  • Create an online bulletin board for students to express appreciation to their advisors (i.e., Blackboard, Canvas).
  • Use screen casting tools to narrate a short story about your advising team or colleagues.
  • Record short messages of thanks or kudos and text or email them to advisors/tutors.
  • Attach NACADA’s virtual frame to your profile photo to raise awareness about how impactful advising is on campus and in the lives of students.
  • Give a virtual gift (e-gift cards) to show appreciation or promise some institutional swag or a pizza party once you are back in the office.