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Theme Attendance Location Region Chair Conference Chair/s Best of Region
2020 Anchored in Advising xxx Mystic, CT
(Groton, CT)
Jennifer Drake-Deese Christyn Carey & Jennifer Keene-Crouse  
2019 40th Anniversary - Returning to our Roots 443 Burlington, VT Melissa Jenkins Mara Gould & Christyn Carey “When Did You Lose Your Name?” Challenging the notion of what it means to be “At-risk”
Vanessa Borum, University of Albany
2018 Elevate Your Game 516 Springfield, MA Melissa Jenkins Drake-Deese & Sidman  "How Major Is Your Major?"
Harry Twyman & Kelli Petersen, University of Connecticut
2017 Advising Values 447 Verona, NY Jennifer Fath Jenkins & Drake-Deese "#UCanReg: An Eccentric Effort to Get Students to Take Notice and Register on Time for Classes"
Sharon Tavernier & Marianne DiMarco-Temkin, SUNY Canton-College of Technology 
2016 The Way Advising Should Be 491 Portland, ME Jennifer Fath Cate & Jenkins "Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should"
Katie McFaddin & Brian Koslowski, Brandeis University
2015 Advising Works 457 Manchester, NH Rodney Mondor Fath & Cate  
2014 Advising Goes Electric 527 Newport, RI Rodney Mondor Fath & Grant "Did They Just Say That? Responding to Students in Crisis"
Kevin Piskadlo & Jessica Karner, Salem State University
2013 Advisors Without Borders 309 Montreal, CND Terri Downing Viveiros & Grant "Pants on Fire: Advising Students Who Lie to Themselves and Others"
Katie McFaddin, Brandeis University
2012 Advising from Reel to Real 435 Mashantucket, CT Terri Downing Kolls & Viveiros “Everything is Great. Now Let’s Ruin It! Working with Self Sabotaging Students”
Kevin Piskadlo, Henrietts Genfi & Melissa Jenkins, Bently College
2011   296 Burlinton, VT Susan Moyer Downing “The Advisor/Advising Bucket List”
Kevin Piskadlo, Melissa Jenkins, Meghan Charbonneau, Bentley University & Cory Davis, Salem State University
2010 Advising Matters 382 Newton, MA Susan Moyer Downing “Meeting Students Where they Are: Effective Programs that Enhance Advising”
Kevin Piskadlo, Melissa Jenkins, Henrietta Genfi, & Jonathan Lewis, Bentley University
2009 Embracing Change 278 Saratoga Springs, NY Susan Kolls Fraser “Addicted to Undeclared: A New Way of Approaching Undeclared Students”
Patrick Cate, Plymouth State University   
2008   265 Portland, ME Susan Kolls Fraser “Online Career Resources for Advisors”
James Peacock, Kennebec Valley Community College Kristina Lerardi, Cape Cod Community College
2007 CSI: Campus & Student Investigations 323 North Conway, NH Gail Stepina Kolls & Stubbs "Success Strengthening Strategies for Students: Spotlight on Persistence, Determination and Focus"
Brian Hurwitz, New Jersey City University
2006   295 Hartford, CT Gail Stepina Kolls & Stubbs "It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Trained"
Susan Kolls, Northeastern University and Terri Downing, Franklin Pierce College
2005   276 Montreal, CND Susan M. Campbell Higgins and Stepina "The Undergraduate Affair – Finding the Passion!"
Susan Kolls, Northeastern University and Terri Downing, Franklin Pierce College
2004   239 Burlinton, VT Susan M. Campbell Higgins and Stepina "Not So “Trivial Pursuit”: A Fun Method of Training Faculty Advisors"
Gail Gauthier, Connolly Patricia & Judi Smith, MassBay Community College
2003   267 Newport, RI Maura Ivanick xxx "They Don’t Have to Eat Bugs! So What’s so Hard about Surviving the First Year?"
Susan Kolls, Northeastern
2002   265 Saratoga Springs, NY Maura Ivanick Campbell "Advising, Informality, and Boundaries"
Karen Lederer, Massachusetts-Amherst
2001   250 Framingham, MA Mildred Dandridge Davis "The Intersection of Technology and Advising"
Anne Sullivan & Cynthia Seltzer, Northeastern
2000   223 Portland, ME Mildred Dandridge Davis "Advisor Training: Recipe for Success…The Second Course"
Dionna Doss, Springfield Technical Community College
1999   xxx Syracuse, NY Walter Levy xxx  
1998   191 Portsmouth, NH Walter Levy Dandridge  
1997   xxx Montreal, CND Kevin McKenna xxx  
1996   xxx Newport, RI Kevin McKenna xxx  
1995   181 Saratoga Springs, NY Victoria McGillin xxx  
1994   xxx Burlington, VT Victoria McGillin xxx  
1993   230 Newport, RI Gregory Hall xxx  
1992   198 Saratoga Springs, NY Gregory Hall xxx  
1991   xxx Portsmouth, NH xxx Marc Schwarz   
1990   xxx xxx Marc Schwarz  xxx  
1989   xxx xxx Martha Garing xxx  
1988   xxx xxx Martha Garing xxx  
1987   xxx xxx Thomas Kerr xxx  
1986   xxx xxx Thomas Kerr xxx  
1985   xxx xxx William Young xxx  
1984   xxx xxx William Young xxx  
1983   xxx xxx Judith Sanforth-Harris xxx  
1982   xxx xxx Judith Sanforth-Harris xxx