Criteria for selection of paper/presentation: Proposals will be evaluated based on relevance to current issues in advising, appeal to conference participants, creativity, ingenuity, and applicability for participants after the conference. We are seeking a wide range of presentation topics relating to academic advising from a variety of advising professionals.

Eligibility for submission: Those who are involved in advising—administration, faculty, full-time advisors and administrative staff—are invited to submit proposals. We encourage first-time and experienced presenters alike. Share your research, best practices, or techniques with colleagues in the region.

Your submission should include your presentation title, the primary topic/track, NACADA Core Competencies, and desired format, as well as a 750-word proposal and 135-word abstract. Titles do not need to incorporate the conference theme. The abstracts will be included in the conference schedule.

Format Options: Conference sessions include preconference workshops, concurrent sessions, and a poster presentation. 

  • Preconference Workshops | Preconference workshops are designed to feature specialized topics in the advising profession. These should be highly participatory sessions that cannot by effectively addressed in another format. Session participation is limited to maximize the opportunity for interaction. They are either 2- or 3-hour session

Concurrent Session and Poster Presentation

  • Lecture or Discussion Format for Concurrent Session | A 60-minute presentation by one or more presenters; discussion time for questions and answers is encouraged. The length of time set aside for discussion is at the discretion of the presenters. 
  • Panel Format for Concurrent Session | We encourage institutions to come together with a common issue to form a panel. A panel will consist of a brief introduction by the panel moderator, followed by a brief presentation from each panelist followed by an interactive question-and-answer period with the audience. The best panel sessions are highly interactive, with panelists representing multiple points of view or perspectives from different institutions. Panels will be formed by individuals submitting their own teams; panels will not be teamed up by the Conference Committee. All panel sessions are expected to have a moderator for their session. Panels are expected to represent the views or perspectives of more than one institution.
  • Poster Presentation | Presented in the form of a bulletin display and delivered primarily through the use of graphics and handout materials. These sessions are most appropriate for display of specific programmatic approaches and research findings. The presenter should expect to make brief remarks, share information, and answer questions about the presentation topic.

Although the program committee will make every effort to honor your requested format option, the committee may recommend an alternate format in order to accept as many proposals as possible. Presenters will be notified via e-mail. 


  • NACADA does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or marital status.
  • Commercial products are not to be promoted in NACADA sessions.
  • Due to budgetary considerations, the conference is unable to offer complimentary registration or lodging for presenters. All presenters must register for the conference.