Past Ten Talks

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Month Recording of the Ten Talk Additional materials
Critical Race Theory in Academic Advising by the University of New Mexico Arts and Sciences CRT Initiative Committee  
January How to Make Work From Home Work for You by Miranda Milovich Presentation
Handout: Make Your Own Telecommuting Agreement
Month Recording of the Ten Talk Addtional materials 
December Podcast: Research in NACADA: Hear from Wendy Troxel and Rhonda Dean-Kyncl about how to incorporate research into your practice!  
October Meet the Region 10 Steering Committee Presentation
August  Working with Online Students  
July Change: Viewing Advising through 20/20 Lenses  
June Creating a Virtual Advisor Professional Development Experience with a Guided Pathways Lens  
May Using Breath, Thoughts, and Movement for Stress Relief During COVID-19  
April Technology: Connections in our New Advising World  
March Podcast: Leadership with NACADA: A conversation with Casey Self, Amy Sannes, and Julie Voller   
February Best of Region 10: The Realist Adjusts the Sails: Re-imagining New Student Advising  
January Article Discussion: Academic Advising--A Discipline of Praxis by Oscar van den Wijngaard Article 
Month Recording of the Ten Talk Addtional materials 
December Wellness-How to stay positive during the holidays   
November First-Year Transition  
October Transfer Trials, Topics, & Trends  
September  Conference Proposals How-To  
August  Major Adjustment: Undergraduates' Transition Experiences When Leaving Selective Degree Programs  
July The 5 S's of Advising  
June NACADA Awards and Scholarships  
May New Student Orientation: Best Practices  
April What Do You Love About Advising?   
March Training and Development