Past Ten Talks

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Month Recording of the Ten Talk Additional materials
January How to Make Work From Home Work for You by Miranda Milovich Presentation
Handout: Make Your Own Telecommuting Agreement
Month Recording of the Ten Talk Addtional materials 
December Podcast: Research in NACADA: Hear from Wendy Troxel and Rhonda Dean-Kyncl about how to incorporate research into your practice!  
October Meet the Region 10 Steering Committee Presentation
August  Working with Online Students  
July Change: Viewing Advising through 20/20 Lenses  
June Creating a Virtual Advisor Professional Development Experience with a Guided Pathways Lens  
May Using Breath, Thoughts, and Movement for Stress Relief During COVID-19  
April Technology: Connections in our New Advising World  
March Podcast: Leadership with NACADA: A conversation with Casey Self, Amy Sannes, and Julie Voller   
February Best of Region 10: The Realist Adjusts the Sails: Re-imagining New Student Advising  
January Article Discussion: Academic Advising--A Discipline of Praxis by Oscar van den Wijngaard Article 
Month Recording of the Ten Talk Addtional materials 
December Wellness-How to stay positive during the holidays   
November First-Year Transition  
October Transfer Trials, Topics, & Trends  
September  Conference Proposals How-To  
August  Major Adjustment: Undergraduates' Transition Experiences When Leaving Selective Degree Programs  
July The 5 S's of Advising  
June NACADA Awards and Scholarships  
May New Student Orientation: Best Practices  
April What Do You Love About Advising?   
March Training and Development