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Operating Principles approved

In a recent election of NACADA members in Region 2, members voted to approve the proposed changes to the operating principles.

To better serve the entire Regional population, an elected Diversity, Inclusions, & Engagement Chair position would be added to the Steering Committee.

The position of Site Selection Chair would be dissolved and Region Conference Chairs would assume greater responsibility over selection of Region 2 Conference sites.

For all steering committee positions, suggested minimum job qualifications would be added to the operating principles. Additionally, a vetting process for positions elected by all of Region 2 would be on place prior to elections.

While steering committee members are (as in previous years) allowed to serve two terms, to have the honor to do so, steering committee members must be meeting their job requirements to serve a second term. After four (4) years of service on the Steering, the member must remain off the Steering Committee in any elected position for a minimum of three years (with the exception of Region Chairs and Region Conference Chair positions)

In accordance with the current operating principles, all suggested changes have been posted on the NACADA Region 2 website two months prior to the Regional conference and can be reviewed by all Region members at:

Region 2 Operating Principles – proposed changes

Updated Operating Principles will be posted online soon. 

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