Congratulations to the newly-elected  2022-2024 Region 3 Steering Committee members!  

Communications Coordinator | Doris Munoz | Methodist University
Awards Coordinator | Melinda Crecelius-Lanham | University of Tennessee-Knoxville
DEI Coordinator | Lauren Gellar | Medical University of South Carolina
Kentucky Liaison | Joshua Brittingham | Northern Kentucky University
North Carolina Liaison | Laura Kuizin | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
South Carolina Liaison | Holly Williams | Clemson University
Tennessee Liaison | Madeline Anderson | University of Tennessee-Knoxville
West Virginia Liaison | Nikki Loy | West Virginia University


The Mid-South Region consists of the following states - West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The Region has one Region Chair, and each state has a State Representative to promote NACADA and academic advising within the region and state; please contact any individual on the Board for more information regarding state and/or regional information.

Region Chair & Steering Committee

Name Institution Position
University of Kentucky Region Chair (2021-2023) 
Past 2021 Conference Chair
Karen Hauschild College of Charleston Past Region Chair (2019-2021)
Lauren Gellar Medical University of South Carolina DEI Coordinator (2022-2025)
Doris Munoz Methodist University  Communication Coordinator
Melinda Crecelius-Lanham University of Tennessee-Knoxville Awards Coordinator
Shanna Pendergrast University of Tennessee-Knoxville Past Conference Co-Chair (2022)
Kirsten Pitcock University of Tennessee-Knoxville Past Conference Co-Chair (2022)


Name Institution Position
Laura Kuizin University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill North Carolina State Liaison (2022-2025)
Joshua Brittingham Northern Kentucky University Kentucky State Liaison (2022-2024)
Holly Williams Clemson University South Carolina State Liaison (2022-2024)
Nikki Loy West Virginia University West Virginia State Liaison (2022-2024)
Madeline Anderson University of Tennessee - Knoxville Tennessee State Liaison (2022-2024)