The Mid-South Region consists of the following states - West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The Region has one Region Chair, and each state has a State Representative to promote NACADA and academic advising within the region and state; please contact any individual on the Board for more information regarding state and/or regional information.

Region Chair & Steering Committee

Name Institution Position
College of Charleston Region Chair (2019-2021)
Jeff Elliott University of Tennessee - Knoxville Past Region Chair (2017-2019)
Casey Shadix University of Kentucky Incoming Region Chair (2021-2023) 
Past 2021 Conference Chair
Suanne Early University of Kentucky Past 2021 Conference Chair
Kevin Rounsley Chapel Hill, North Carolina Communication Chair 


Name Institution Position
Richard Gamble Western Carolina University North Carolina State Liaison (2020-2022)
Faith Cracraft Georgetown College Kentucky State Liaison (2021-2022)
Twaina Harris Claflin University South Carolina State Liaison (2019-2021)
Dedra Cobb Fairmont State University West Virginia State Liaison (2019-2021)
Madeline Anderson University of Tennessee - Knoxville Tennessee State Liaison (2020-2022)