Georgia Liaison Candidates 

Carl Hamlin
Platform Statement

Hannah Santoro
Platform Statement

Jennifer Youmans
Platform Statement
Mississippi Liaison Candidates 

Kylie Crosland
Platform Statement
Mentoring Program Chair Candidates 

Ian Schonberg
Platform Statement

Kerry Wallert
Platform Statement

Andre'a Dorsey
Platform Statement
Technology/Training Chair Candidates 

Robert Kulick
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Roles and Responsibilities of a Region 4 State Liaison:

As a NACADA Region 4 State Liaison, you are the main advocate for your state-wide advising community, and responsibilities may include (not limited to):

  • Informing the current Region Chair about state advising membership needs and/or concerns
  • Promoting professional development opportunities at the state, region, and/or national levels (NACADA Webinars, submitting and presenting at Regional and Annual Conferences, etc.)
  • Encouraging state nominations for advising awards (national and regional), scholarships and travel grants

As a NACADA Region 4 State Liaison you also may oversee the planning and operation of an annual State Drive-In conference by coordinating and/or delegating the following:

  • Designating a host site for current and future state drive-ins (Identify site for 2018 and preferably site for 2019)
  • Selecting conference chair(s) for 2018 and 2019 sites
  • Since Region dollars are set aside for each state drive-in conference (up to $500), assist to develop and pre-approve state conference budgets if asking for Region funds
  • Report back to Region Chair any state conference committee concerns and questions
  • Assist and guide the marketing and promotion strategies for the state conference to your state membership

As part of the Region 4 Steering Committee you are asked to:

  • Attend and actively participate in both the Regional and National Conferences and meetings
  • Develop, prepare, and submit goals for the state advising community, due every October before Annual Conference
  • Interact with Region 4 Coordinators to promote and share advising initiatives in your state and the Region
  • Represent Region 4 and your state at any and all NACADA hosted leadership events, including oversight of state meetings at the Regional and National Conference

This Region holds elections for the steering committee on a rotating basis.  

When it is time for elections: 

1.  Nominations/applications will be solicited.

2.  Bios and platforms will be posted here.

3. Electronic ballots will go out to the state or region membership.

NOTE: The Region Chair is elected every two years through the Association election system.