2022 Region Steering Committee Election
February 3-14, 2022

PLEASE NOTE | This is an election for the Region Steering Committee. You'll have an opportunity to vote in the NACADA General Election beginning February 11. These are two separate elections. The general election will elect members to the NACADA Board, Region Chairs for even regions, and certain Advising Community Chairs, as well as other leadership positions. The Region Steering Committee Election will elect leaders for the positions below.

2022 Region Steering Committee Election
February 3-14, 2022
2022 NACADA General Election
February 11-24, 2022
Current NACADA members received a ballot on February 3. Please vote by February 14.  Current NACADA members as of January 31 recieved a ballot on February 11. 
Members need to follow the instructions in the email to vote. 


What is the Region Steering Committee?
The Region Steering Committee helps the Region Chair set region direction through establishing goals and outcomes, aiding in establishing the region budget, carrying out responsibilities and initiatives, and providing historical perspective during transitions of region leadership. The Region Steering Committee represents the diversity of the region, as well as represents each geographical area within the Region. All Region Steering Committee roles are two-year terms, elected by the region membership, unless otherwise explicitly stated. Newly elected members will start their term at the Region Conference.

Qualifications and Requirements for Region Steering Committee Positions
   • current member of NACADA, and maintain their membership through their term.
   • attend both the Region and Annual conferences in-person (if possible).
   • attend (in-person or virtual) all other meetings of the Region Steering Committee.
   • Region Steering Committee members may run for election in a second consecutive term.
   • After serving two consecutive terms, a member must wait two years before serving in another Region Steering Committee position.

2022 Region 4 Steering Committee Election

Communications/Social Media Coordinator

Ashlee Hill

Communication is the way of the world and social media is one of many ways to stay connected and abreast of NACADA information. As the communication/social media Coordinator, I plan to continue with the communication trends already established by NACADA but also upgrade such communication to heighten the social media engagement and other communication Staying connected to NACADA for our professional development and to advise our students is necessary and as the CSM Coordinator I plan to bring all things NACADA to your fingertips in an engaging manner.

Danielle K Shu

My name is Danielle Shu and I am an advisor at the University of Florida. I have been in my advising role since 2019. As my graduate studies are running to a close this Summer, I am eager to become more involved in NACADA on the regional level. As my undergraduate degree focused on business with a specialization in mass communications, this is an area that I have bene developing for several years. I have further built upon that foundation in my career. Right now, I play a large role running the social media and communications for my department by writing blog posts, running a social media team, and assisting in the departmental newsletter. As these are goals of the region – especially the creation of a newsletter, I have the comfortability to achieve our goals. Any questions? I am happy to discuss more via LinkedIn. Thank you for the opportunity!

Rebecca Johnson

I am interested in running for the Communications/Social Media Coordinator because I’m great at managing groups and organizations. I work full-time and teach for the school, Troy University, that I graduated from. I feel like I got my full-time position by being very involved, such as Secretary of the SGA. My passion is to help people and I love meeting others with the same passion. NACADA has granted me the opportunity to be on the steering committee for the Advisor Wellness and the Advising Students with Disabilities groups. I’m an admin in the Advisor Wellness Facebook group and love to help generate discussion on advisor well-being. In my personal time, I have created and been chosen as an admin for over 10 groups of special interests. I’ve also managed a monthly newsletter for my department in my full-time job which was a fun experience. I hope you choose me!

Thomas Beckwith

Four years ago, I joined NACADA-The Global Community for Academic Advising. During this time, I have had the honor of attending, presenting, and volunteering at two NACADA Region 4 Conferences. Also, I was the recipient of the Region 4 2019 Annual Conference Travel Scholarship. Currently, I am a part of the NACADA Emerging Leaders Program 2021-2023 class. I want to continue my growth in NACADA by serving as the Communications/Social Media Coordinator for Region 4. I believe in action, advocacy, and accountability. I value the importance of communication and working to maintain and build relationships. My goal in this role is to ensure that we are communicating with members within the region through various mediums. I am excited about the possible opportunity to serve Region 4!
Mississippi Liaison

Lindzarius Dion Sanford

I currently work at The University of Mississippi’s Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience. I have a Master of Higher Education and Student Personnel. I have been an Academic Advisor for three years. I completed NACADA's Mentoring Program in 2020 and currently serve on NACADA's Membership, Recruitment and Retention Committee as the Region 4 Liaison. I have a passion for advising. I strive to enhance my skills and collaborate with others so that we may help one another. I believe in being active and moving things forward in all leadership roles I have had. If elected, I would give my best in this position to represent The State of Mississippi to the best of my ability as we strive to be a global community for academic advising. The only way to be a community is if we communicate and work together in which I value.
Mentoring Program Coordinator

Kylie Crosland

The Region 4 Mentoring program has had a great impact on my experience as a NACADA member and advisor on my campus. I had the pleasure of being selected in the 2020-2021 mentee class. With the encouragement and support of my mentor and the entire Region 4 NACADA mentor group, I ran for the MS Liaison position for the R4 Steering Committee. In that role, I served as the chair for the virtual Region 4 2021 Conference. The Mentoring program was the push and support I needed to make more out of my NACADA membership. Mentoring opened doors and friendships for me across my state and region of likeminded professionals. The community created was a welcome safe harbor during the ever changing Covid climate in higher education. If elected as Mentoring Program Coordinator, I would strive to maintain the community aspect of the mentoring group and continue to offer learning opportunities for Region 4 mentees to enhance their NACADA experience. While building upon the strengths of the existing program, I plan to add more leader development activities for the group as a whole to further structure group meetings and to foster the growth of the future region leaders.
Georgia Liaison

Matt Waller

I have been an academic advisor at Kennesaw State University for 10 years and a member of NACADA for nine. I’ve tried as best I can to attend all of the regional and national conferences during that time, because I believe they are important times of reflection and encouragement. Meeting with like-minded colleagues in this professional organization is inspiring, but these times don’t happen automatically. I want to be a part of planning these opportunities and to help new advisors to see the importance of professional development. If elected, I will continue the great work that has been put into the Steering Committee. My goal is to represent state of Georgia well and to work to make Region 4 even better.