The Southeast Region 4 consists of the following areas: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi, and the Caribbean. Please contact any individual on the Steering Committee for more information on how to get involved with NACADA.

Region Chair & Steering Committee

Name Institution Position
Ellen Murkison Riley Georgia Institute of Technology Region Chair (2022-2024)
Sade Tramble Kennesaw State University Past Region Chair (2020-2022)
Sophia Everett Shelton State Community College Awards Committee Chair (2023-2025)
Ashlee Hill Morehouse College Communications/Social Media Chair (2022-2024)
Kylie Crosland Mississippi State University Mentor/Mentee Program Coordinator (2022-2024)
Cara Ryan Florida Gulf Coast University Social Justice & Diversity Chairs (2023-2025)
Thomas Beckwith Santa Fe College Technology/Training Chair (2022-2024)


Name Institution Position
Matthew Wilson University of Alabama in Huntsville Alabama Liaison (2023-2025)
Vacant   Caribbean Liaison (2021-2023)
Chip Johnson University of Florida Florida Liaison (2023-2025)
Matt Waller Kennesaw State University Georgia Liaison (2022-2024)
Renyetta Johnson  East Mississippi Community College Mississippi Liaison (2022-2024)

2024 Regions 4/7 Joint Conference Committee 
Name Institution Position
Lynda Moore
Mississippi State University 2024 Conference Co-Chair
Alyssa Coats Bossier Parish Community College 2024 Conference Co-Chair
Sarah Rogers Albany State University Communications Co-Coordinator
Ashleigh Snell  Oklahoma State University Communications Co-Coordinator
Angella Baker Mississippi State University Evaluation and Best of Region Co-Coordinator
Josette Gonzalez Texas A&M University Evaluation and Best of Region Co-Coordinator
Michelle Green Jacksonville State University Exhibitor/Sponsor Co-Coordinator
Poppy Di Candeloro University of Missouri-Kansas City Exhibitor/Sponsor Co-Coordinator
Laura Dunn Mississippi State University Hospitality Co-Coordinator
Missy Korduner Louisiana State University  Hospitality Co-Coordinator
Monique Richardson Kennesaw State University Keynote Co-Coordinator
Jill Geisler Wheeler University of Arkansas-Fayetteville Keynote Co-Coordinator
Vacant   Networking Co-Coordinator
Barbara Smith University of Texas at San Antonio Networking Co-Coordinator 
Ashlee Hill Morehouse College Program & Proposal Co-Coordinator
Amy Peterman Texas Tech University Program & Proposal Co-Coordinator
Elizabeth Hutchins Dalton State College Service Project Co-Coordinator
Kathy Lillich Kansas State University Service Project Co-Coordinator
Whitney Jones Florida State University Volunteer Co-Coordinator
Beth Stuewe Kansas State University Volunteer Co-Coordinator
Jacqueline Gordon Broward College Wellness Co-Coordinator
Julie Brown Hendrix College Wellness Co-Coordinator