Region 5 Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program Overview

2019-2020 Mentoring Program Participants

2020 Mentoring Program Applications

Mentoring Program Overview

What is it?

  • Mentoring is an important aspect of one’s professional development. The NACADA Region 5 Conference Mentoring Program allows for new advising professionals to be paired with an experienced advisor within Region 5 providing a greater network and collaboration among Region 5 members.
  • Mentor and mentee pairs will meet at the NACADA Region 5 Conference for a pre-conference workshop. During the pre-conference workshop participants will review the benefits of a mentoring program and create expectations for one another. Mentoring pairs will develop an action plan that they will use throughout the year of their mentoring experience.

Benefits for the mentor

  • Mentoring as Teaching
    • Refine your advising skills
    • Try new techniques
  • Pride in Success
  • Giving Back
    • To NACADA
    • To the Advising Profession

Quotes from previous mentors

  • Mentoring a new advisor was truly a rewarding experience. It was a great way to give back to the advising profession and to see what great talent and dedication there is among young advisors.  What was especially great about the experience was that I learned just as much as my mentee and I have been advising for over 25 years! - Melinda McDonald, 2017-2018 Mentor
  • I learned that a great deal of the role of the mentor is being able to listen and support your mentee in their goals.  I knew I didn’t have all the answers, but I didn’t need to.  The experience became a journey that we took together, providing the support and encouragement went a long way in supporting my mentee in reaching her goals. - Deb Dotterer 2017-2018 Mentor
  • “Being a mentor allowed me to grow as a Servant Leader. The advice and support that was shared with my mentee served as a reminder for myself. The mentor/mentee opportunity taught me to embrace different opinions, be non-judgmental, be resourceful and be open to learning about the drive and passion within the individual” - Steven Taylor 2017-2018 Mentor

Benefits for the mentee

  • Support
    • Someone who has been in your shoes
  • Networking
    • Connection to another campus, state/province, and Region 5
  • Sounding Board
  • Mentoring as modeling
    • Learn new advising frameworks and techniques
  • Gain a greater connection to NACADA

Quotes from previous mentees

  • The mentoring process was very well thought-out and planned. My mentor helped provide me with motivation, ideas, and even how-to tips on a probation project for 3rd/4th year students. She was inspiring since she had experienced most of the issues since I was less than 3 years of having university advising experience. The mentoring program is crucial if matched with a well-rounded, experienced advisor who is willing to help and ask, "What can I do to help you to grow?" My mentor did and willingly!  This program is great if you do not have in-house resources available or need outside input for growth and development of advisors(ing). 
    I would recommend this program to newly minted and experienced advisors as an opportunity to network with other advisors while growing your skillse
    t. - Aundra Freeman, 2017-2018 Mentee
  • My mentor has helped me set goals for my professional development and holds me accountable.  My mentor also helps me think about some of challenges both I and my institution face from a different perspective. Our relationship is such that we are able to share experiences to help us both become better student affairs professionals. I have greatly enjoyed growing with and learning from my mentor.   -Brianna Burke 2017-2018 Mentee
2019-2020 Mentoring Program Participants

Each month we will spotlight one-two of the 2019-2020 Mentoring Pairs.   

This fantastic group of mentors and mentees attended the 2018 NACADA Region 5 Conference and a mentoring pre-conference workshop. During the workshop mentors and mentees got to know one another, set goals, and created an action plan for the year. They will continue their mentoring partnership until the 2019 Region 5 Conference.

Mentor/Mentee Spotlight

LaKeysha Smith & Geoffrey Jones

LaKeysha Smith
Why LaKeysa mentors:  I truly enjoy having a network of professionals to connect with and learn from. There have been countless times where I have been able to borrow from and implement programs or ideas that were shared through NACADA conferences, workshops, institutes and webinars. After 23 plus years of gaining experiences, learning, growing and benefiting from my own mentors, I believe I am overdue in the giving back department. I see this as an outstanding opportunity to share what I have learned and to continue my journey of growth.

Geoffrey Jones
Why Geoffrey wanted to be a mentee:  I am currently advising perspective students for the School of Social Work. Being new to the position, I would like to take advantage of all the training, conferences, workshops and supportive meetings that I can to strengthen my skill set in order to provide best practices when serving students.

Kerrie Caine & Leanne Conway

Kerrie Caine
Why Kerrie mentors:  Over the past 10 years, I have had the honor and pleasure to have worked with several amazing leaders, who have inspired me. I believe that I am now in a place professionally where I can begin to provide the level of support I received that has been instrumental in pushing me forward!

Leanne Conway
Why Leanne wanted to be a mentee:  I am interested in becoming a mentee through the NACADA Region 5 Mentoring program because I am a new Higher Education Professional and Academic Advisor. I am hopeful that having a mentor in the Advising field from another institution will help provide me with unique perspectives, advice, guidance, and support in my first year, and beyond.

2020 Mentoring Program Applications 

General Requirements to Participate:

  • Membership Status: NACADA Member at the time of the application and throughout the year of the program.
  • Must be registered for the NACADA Region 5 2019 Conference by the Early Bird Deadline
    • If you are not registered for the conference you will be notified and dropped from  the applicant pool.
  • Must be able to attend the Pre-Conference workshop the Wednesday of the conference from 12-4pm.

 Requirements to be a Mentor:

  • Must have worked in higher education and/or advising for at least seven (7) years.

Mentor Application:
Now Available - Click Here

  • Opens: October 25, 2019
  • Due: February 14, 2020

Requirements to be a Mentee:

  • Must have worked in higher education and/or advising for five (5) years or less.
  • Applicants do not qualify if they have worked in higher education (advising, teaching, or other areas of student affairs/academic affairs) for more than five (5) years.

Mentee Application:
Now Available - Click Here

  • Opens: December 2, 2019
  • Due:  February 21, 2020