Take 5

Take 5 is a monthly virtual meeting for NACADA members in Region 5. 

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Great Lakes Region 5 Awards, Grants & Scholarships

Friday, July 15, 2022 | 11 a.m. central

Before you submit your application and nominations, join us to learn more about each of the awards, grants, and scholarships offered by Region 5! Hosted by R5 Awards, Grants & Scholarships Coordinator, Rachel Pawlowski.


Past Take 5 sessions

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Month Recording of the Take 5 session Additional materials
Gentle nudges: supporting faculty as they advise 
Anne-Marie Lerner | University of Wisconsin-Platteville 
Faculty advising is an important component to undergraduate education, whether the university has an advising model that includes formal or informal faculty advising. Unfortunately, many universities do not include advising as part of tenure considerations for faculty, or else not assessed much (if at all). As a faculty member, I have found some methods that have been effective to support faculty as they develop advising skills and supportive mindsets. During this session, we will discuss organizing resources for faculty, providing a roadmap for advising sessions, and helpful prompts to support faculty.
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AP Credit Discussion 
Sheila Hurt | Purdue University
Learn about Sheila’s surprising findings regarding AP credit and repeating college coursework and how they might change the way you think about advising incoming students with AP credit. There will be plenty of time for questions, along with a review of the data for those interested. If you want a preview, read Sheila’s recent co-authored article in the NACADA Journal, “Should Students with AP Credit Repeat Coursework in College? A Multilevel Analysis.”
Reunite with Region 5: It’s Almost Conference Time!
January     How I Met My Mentee: The Importance of Mentoring Connections 
Diana "Di" Dingman, Indiana University-Bloomington; with insights from Gavin Farber, Courtney Lewellen, Karen Spangler, and Cherice Williams
Month Recording of the Take 5 session Additional materials
November  How to Write a Conference Proposal | Sarah Howard, The Ohio State University  Handout