Region 6 is comprised of members from academic institutions in Manitoba (CANADA), Saskatchewan (CANADA) , North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Region Chair & Steering Committee

Name Institution Position
Katherine Mehrer University of Mary  Region Chair (2020-2022)
LaDonna McGohan Luther College Iowa Liaison (2019-2021) 
Kristin Suffield University of Manitoba Manitoba Liaison (2020-2022)
Jacob Rudy University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Minnesota Liaison (2020-2022)
Rachel Wesley University of Nebraska - Lincoln Nebraska Liaison (2020-2022)
Jessica Bauer North Dakota State University North Dakota Liaison (2019-2021)
    Saskatchewan Liaison 
Billie Streufert Augustana University South Dakota Liaison (2020-2022)
Kacey Gregerson University of Minnesota Communication Chair & Awards Chair (2020-2022)
Caitlin Rovner Chadron State College Inclusions and Engagement Liaison (2020-2022)
Martha Scott Johnson University of Minnesota - Twin Cities RAMP Liaison (2020-2022)
Amber Kargol Iowa State University  RAMP Liaison (2020-2022)


2021 Virtual Region Conference Committee

Name Institution Position
Maureen Schafer
(319) 353-5700
University of Iowa Conference Co-Chair 
Amy Korthank
(319) 353-2484
University of Iowa Conference Co-Chair 
Katie Mehrer  University of Mary Region Chair and Communications Coordinator
Kacey Gregerson  University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Communications and Awards Coordinator
Kristen Stradt-Johnson University of Iowa Proposal/Concurrent Session Coordinator
Tony Lazarowicz  University of Nebraska Lincoln Event Game Coordinator
Jake Rudy  University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Networking Session and Orientation Session Coordinator