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R8 Talks is a monthly community-building opportunity for Region 8. 

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2019-2020 R8 Talks

January | Financials in Region 8

Learn from R8's Budget Coordinator Nick Fleury about the region’s structured budget; goals, projects, & initiatives in 2020; and how to access funding for professional development in our upcoming R8 Talks! happening TOMORROW Jan. 8 at 11:30am Pacific.

December | What Does Leadership in R8 Look Like (& Is It for Me)?
This session will be about the various leadership positions in our region that will open up for nomination and election soon! We will discuss what the position entails, what the time commitment is like, what type of activities you’d do, as well as how our volunteer roles have helped us professionally. If you’ve ever considered joining the R8 leadership board and want to learn more, this is the talk for you!

November | Increase Your Research Confidence
The overall goal of this session is to increase the participant’s confidence that they can do research that is meaningful to them and their institution. A student services focused version of the basic scientific process will be provided along with a suite of creative activities for brainstorming at each point in the process. The session will engage and energize advisors to contribute to NACADA’s growing body of literature!

October | How to Submit a Proposal
An interactive and engaging conversation on brainstorming your presentation ideas, recognizing your specialized expertise, and preparing your proposal outline and executive summary

All too often, we gloss over the conference “Call for Proposals” even when we have so much to offer our colleagues. Maybe our nerves get in our way or we don’t want to experience rejection. Or perhaps we think we don’t have anything to offer.

This workshop will address these issues and more. We will strategize ways to get past your barriers. 



Make It Happen.
Make It Matter.

March 12-14, 2020
Victoria, BC Canada

Call for Proposals - closed

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