R8 Talks! is a monthly community-building
opportunity for Region 8. 

2021-2022 R8 Talks!

May 2022 | Maximize Your R8 Experiences
R8 is Great! What does your NACADA membership mean in terms of being part of an inclusive, global, scholarly community? How can you be involved in advising communities, Region 8 division events, and more? What other resources and opportunities are available? And what are your questions about programming within and outside of Region 8 and the Region 8 Conference. Whether you are a new member, a long-standing member, or still considering membership, this session is for you and your questions about engaging with our R8 community.

April 2022 | R8 Conference at a Glance - Make It Happen. Make It Matter.
NACADA conference season is well underway and the Region 8 Conference planning team is putting together a fabulous conference experience for you. The April 13 edition of R8 Talks will feature planning committee members providing highlights of the Region 8 conference scheduled for May 25-27, 2022 in beautiful Victoria, BC. Join the conversation and learn more about the keynote speakers, conference schedule, and a few of the fun things to do in Victoria.

November 2021 | Charting a Course to the Stars: How to Submit Your Stellar Story as a NACADA Conference Session | Handout: A Beginner's Guide to Polyvagal Theory
NACADA needs you! We all come to this profession from unique personal life experiences, and we can lift each other up by sharing our expertise, curiosity, and passion. Join us for this action-oriented R8 talk on how to submit an out-of-this-world conference proposal. We'll discuss various strategies for navigating each step of the voyage as well as overcoming imposter syndrome!

October 2021 | Congratulations for being a de facto expert on technology in advising!
A roundtable discussion on Advising Technology | Regardless of our preparedness, we have all become technology de facto experts. For this session, we wanted to host an informal discussion on the tools that we have found to be the most useful and that we will continue to utilize back in office. 

September 2021 | Migrant Students
At this talk, we will have an open discussion about migrant college students and some of their unique needs, and the best ways to support them. We will highlight the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) that is currently doing the work to support migrant college students and their families navigate, persist, and create a sense of belonging in college. Facilitated by members of the NACADA R8 Steering Committee.

2020-2021 R8 Talks!

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May | Take an "Advising Sabbatical" to Refresh and Recharge | Andrew Wahlstrom, University of Oregon | Blog
Academic advisors work in demanding environments spending multiple hours daily meeting with students and completing a dizzying array of administrative tasks including paperwork, meetings, teaching, program coordination, and university service. Sustaining this workload over time can prove challenging and puts advisors at risk of emotional and physical exhaustion that diminishes their effectiveness and may result in burnout and compassion fatigue. Additionally, meeting these daily demands often leaves scant time and energy for professional development activities crucial for continued growth and effectiveness. In response to these twin challenges, Andrew Wahlstrom from the University of Oregon has developed the “advising sabbatical.” An advising sabbatical is a multi-day respite from daily advising tasks to focus on professional development activities with the goal to promote renewal and restoration. The talk will review the presenter’s advising sabbatical research and discuss benefits observed from first-hand sabbatical experiences. Practical considerations for implementing an advising sabbatical, possible sabbatical activities, and strategies conducive to a successful experience, including gaining supervisor and co-worker support, will be provided.

April | Returning to Campus

February | Learn about the Virtual Region Conference
Join Shea Ellingham (R8 Chair), Patrick Fernandez (Conference Co-chair), Deven Lisac (Wellness subcommittee), Katie Richardson, and Rasha Tawfik (Orientation subcommittee) to learn more about the upcoming NACADA Virtual Region 8 and Region 9 Conference March 23-24! 

January | Advisor Wellness in Our New Reality | Bri Harvie, Mount Royal University, and Deven Lisac, University of Alaska - Fairbanks
Most of us have been working either partially or fully from home for 9 months and will potentially be continuing for the rest of this academic year. We know there have been challenges, that goes without saying, so let's discuss these new realities. At the beginning of this session, we will discuss what these challenges/realities have been, and how we might continue to work within their confines moving forward. Burnout is the cumulative process marked by emotional exhaustion and withdrawal associated with workload and institutional stress, not trauma-related. Our everyday lives have been changed in this pandemic, or normality has been adjusted, we've had to find new social activities and new ways to care for ourselves. Self-care is important, if you can't care for yourself you can't support others. One way to help relax is by practicing yoga, breathing, exercise, body scan activity, and meditation. In the latter part of this talk, join us for a short meditation to center yourself on your day.  

October | Remote Advising Lessons Learned 
Some advisors are offering remote advising exclusively, some are back on campus but using more technology tools to advise, and others are somewhere in between. Join your R8 colleagues for a facilitated discussion about the remote advising lessons you’ve learned. Come prepared to share your tips, frustrations, questions, and favorite resources. Jenesis Long, R8’s Communication Coordinator, and Oregon State University’s (OSU) Undergraduate Student Success & Advising Experience Coordinator will be there to help answer questions and provide support based on the experience she’s gained as OSU’s Remote Advising Support Team Lead since their 250+ advisors went remote in March 2020.

September | R8’S Experience with the Emerging Leaders Program 
Join Sally Garner, Leah Panganiban, and Kyle Ross for a conversation about their experiences with NACADA's Emerging Leaders Program (ELP). The ELP is designed to encourage members from diverse groups to get involved in leadership opportunities within the organization. It prepares participate with the skills and tools necessary to pursue elected and appointed leadership positions. 

2019-2020 R8 Talks!

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June | Recharging Your Emotional Batteries: The importance of self-care for front line advisors
Self-Care for advisors or those supporting students is more vital than ever before. If advisors do not prioritize self-care or engage in self-care, our ability to care for students will be diminished. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Self-care can be conceptualized or practiced in a couple of ways: treatment and prevention. Engaging in self-care during moments of stress are great forms of treatment, while regular care of the self is a preventative measure that ensures advisors do not need to escape from their lives.

Elizabeth Harman from Western Oregon University won the Best of Region presentation at the 2019 NACADA Region 8 Conference in Calgary with this presentation. 

May | Conversation with Leander Yazzie
Leander is originally from the Navajo Reservation, Fort Defiance, Arizona. Currently, Leander is a Completion and Native American Student Advisor at Green River College in Auburn, Washington. Leander's passion to help Native American/Indigenous students succeed at the higher education level is important work that needs to be done and the barriers NA/Indigenous students encounter need to be addressed by the institutions that serve this population. 

April | “Who do you think you are? Dealing with Imposter Syndrome in Post-Secondary”by Bri Harvie | Mount Royal University
“I’ve run a game on everybody, and they’re going to find me out.” This quote from Maya Angelou proves that no one is immune to the effects of Imposter Syndrome, least of all students. The Bachelor of Education program at Mount Royal University is incredibly competitive, but sentiments of imposterism are pervasive throughout. This session will provide an overview of imposterism in general, anecdotal evidence from within the BEd program on the impacts of imposter syndrome, and how we as academic advisors can help reduce these impacts as early as possible.  

February | Two Year Colleges in Region 8
James Fasulo (Portland Community College Academic Advisor and Oregon Liaison for R8) will discuss two year colleges, their relationship with NACADA, how NACADA supports them, and how they can benefit from being affiliated with NACADA.

January | Financials in Region 8
Learn from R8's Budget Coordinator Nick Fleury about the region’s structured budget; goals, projects, & initiatives in 2020; and how to access funding for professional development.

December | What Does Leadership in R8 Look Like (& Is It for Me)?
This session will be about the various leadership positions in our region that will open up for nomination and election soon! We will discuss what the position entails, what the time commitment is like, what type of activities you’d do, as well as how our volunteer roles have helped us professionally. If you’ve ever considered joining the R8 leadership board and want to learn more, this is the talk for you!

November | Increase Your Research Confidence
The overall goal of this session is to increase the participant’s confidence that they can do research that is meaningful to them and their institution. A student services focused version of the basic scientific process will be provided along with a suite of creative activities for brainstorming at each point in the process. The session will engage and energize advisors to contribute to NACADA’s growing body of literature!

October | How to Submit a Proposal
An interactive and engaging conversation on brainstorming your presentation ideas, recognizing your specialized expertise, and preparing your proposal outline and executive summary

All too often, we gloss over the conference “Call for Proposals” even when we have so much to offer our colleagues. Maybe our nerves get in our way or we don’t want to experience rejection. Or perhaps we think we don’t have anything to offer.

This workshop will address these issues and more. We will strategize ways to get past your barriers.