R8 Talks! is a monthly community-building
opportunity for Region 8. 

Upcoming R8 Talks!


Join us for our next R8 Talks!

September | And the award goes to…2024 Region 8 Awards and Scholarships 
4 p.m. central | Wednesday, September 27

It's award season for NACADA! You may have seen calls for award nominations and thought, "I'm too busy," or "I don't know where to start."  This R8 Talks! session is here to help you decide who you might want to nominate for which awards, and how to get started. We know there are people doing fantastic work in Region 8, and want to encourage more people to participate in the awards process to show off all that great work.  Join us for more information and to ask questions. (Note: NACADA members in other Regions can also join as the Awards process is the same for each Region.)

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October | TBD
4 p.m. central | Wednesday, October 25

November | TBD
4 p.m. central | Wednesday, November 15

December | TBD
4 p.m. central | Wednesday, December 13


Missed these sessions? NACADA members may log in to see see the recording on the Region 8 Talks! page. 

R8 Talks! is a monthly, community-building opportunity for Region 8.