Congratulations to the newest members of the Region 9 Steering Committee !

Community College Liason | Thomas McGraw | University of California-Riverside
Communications and Social Media Coordinator | Aysia Ferrer University of Hawaii at Manoa
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator | Anthea Yugawa University of California Berkeley


2022 Region Steering Committee Election
February 3-14, 2022

PLEASE NOTE | This is an election for the Region Steering Committee. You'll have an opportunity to vote in the NACADA General Election beginning February 11. These are two separate elections. The general election will elect members to the NACADA Board, Region Chairs for even regions, and certain Advising Community Chairs, as well as other leadership positions. The Region Steering Committee Election will elect leaders for the positions below.

2022 Region Steering Committee Election
February 3-14, 2022
2022 NACADA General Election
February 11-24, 2022
Current NACADA members received a ballot on February 3. Please vote by February 14.  Current NACADA members as of January 31 recieved a ballot on February 11. 
Members need to follow the instructions in the email to vote. 


What is the Region Steering Committee?
The Region Steering Committee helps the Region Chair set region direction through establishing goals and outcomes, aiding in establishing the region budget, carrying out responsibilities and initiatives, and providing historical perspective during transitions of region leadership. The Region Steering Committee represents the diversity of the region, as well as represents each geographical area within the Region. All Region Steering Committee roles are two-year terms, elected by the region membership, unless otherwise explicitly stated. Newly elected members will start their term at the Region Conference.

Qualifications and Requirements for Region Steering Committee Positions
   • current member of NACADA, and maintain their membership through their term.
   • attend both the Region and Annual conferences in-person (if possible).
   • attend (in-person or virtual) all other meetings of the Region Steering Committee.
   • Region Steering Committee members may run for election in a second consecutive term.
   • After serving two consecutive terms, a member must wait two years before serving in another Region Steering Committee position.

2022 Region 9 Steering Committee Election

Community College Liaison

Thomas McGraw

I am hoping to continue in this position and get the chance to reach out further to the Community College Region 9 members, and help create a better relationship between the 4-year schools and the Community Colleges students transfer from. The pandemic really hindered my chances of doing this, and I know I can still help with this goal.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator

Anthea Yugawa

I am currently serving as the Region 9 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator and would love the opportunity to continue in this role as we are working on some exciting initiatives. Some things we are working on include: 1) creating and sharing a DEIB survey for all Region 9 members that gathers both Region 9 and national data regarding DEIB experiences and ideas, 2) creating a DEIB subcommittee with Region 9 members who are interested in being thought partners, and 3) integration of Community Agreements for Region 9 Steering Committees. My previous experience includes serving as a Lead Trainer for the Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Diversity office at UC San Francisco where I developed needs assessments and created tailored diversity training sessions for faculty, staff, and professional students. I would be honored to serve another term as the Region 9 DEI Coordinator. Thank you for your consideration!
Social Media and Communications Coordinator

Aysia Ferrer

Aloha, my name is Aysia Ferrer and I would like to run for the Communications/Social Media Coordinator Position. I am currently a Program Coordinator at UH Mānoa for Manawa Kūpono Scholarship Program. To stay connected with our recipients we use Instagram, Mailchimp, and Emails to keep them up to date. To keep the posts engaging, Canva has been a great platform. It provides bright, and fun templates that allows endless creativity! For Region 9, I would love to provide that same engagement and communication so that NACADA members know what is going on within our community!


Cherry Lacsina

Aloha, my name is Cherry Lacsina and I am interested in the position of Communications/Social Media Coordinator. This is my first year being part of NACADA and I am hoping this position will give me the opportunity to give back to this organization which has provided me with community and professional development. I hope to increase our presence on social media and online to help advisors learn about our organization.