Congratulations to the newest members of the Region 9 Steering Committee !

Community College Liason | Thomas McGraw | University of California-Riverside
Communications and Social Media Coordinator | Aysia Ferrer University of Hawaii at Manoa
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator | Anthea Yugawa University of California Berkeley


The Pacific Region consists of academic advising professionals from American Samoa, California, Guam, Hawaii, Nevada, and Northern Mariana Islands. In October 2009, inaugural operating procedures were voted on and approved by region members. The Region 9 Steering Committee helps set regional direction by establishing goals and outcomes, providing assistance in establishing the budget, and providing carry-over historical perspective during transitions of regional leadership. The Steering Committee typically meets on a monthly basis and then in person at the annual and regional conferences. The Region 9 Steering Committee is made up of 14-17 members from the region and truly represents the diversity of the region, as well as represents each state and territory within the region. 

Region Chair & Steering Committee

name institution position
Matt Markin California State University - San Bernardino Region Chair (2021-2023)
Cheri Souza University of California - Berkeley Past Region Chair (2019-2021)
Thomas Mcgraw University of California - Riverside Community College Liaison (2019-2021)
Anthea Yugawa University of California - Berkeley Diversity Coordinator (2019-2021)
Michael Cersosimo Loyola Marymount University Graduate Student Coordinator (2020-2022)
Arline Leon Guerrero University of Guam Membership and Awards Coordinator (2020-2022)
Aysia Ferrer University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Social Media and Communications Coordinator (2022-2024)
Maria Domingo California State University - San Bernardino  Professional Development Coordinator (2020-2022)
Rakel Engles La Sierra University California State Liaison (2022-2024)
Kristy Yoshikawa Kapi'olani Community College Hawaii State Liaison (2018-2022)
Marcedes Butler University of Nevada - Las Vegas Nevada State Liaison (2018-2022)
Rakel Engles La Sierra University 2022 Conference Chair (2021-2023)
María E. Grandoné California State University-Dominguez Hills 2022 Conference Chair (2021-2023)

2022 Region 9 CAL-CAAN Conference Committee

Name Institution Position
Maria Grandone California State University - Dominguez Hills 2022 Conference Co-Chair
Rakel Engles La Sierra University 2022 Conference Co-Chair
Michael Cersosimo Loyola Marymount University Proposals Coordinator (Preconference Workshops and Poster Sessions)
Joshua Loudon California State University - Fullerton Proposals Coordinator (Concurrent Sessions)
Leah Litwack California State Polytechnic University Health and Wellness Coordinator
Dema Youhanna University of California San Diego Networking Coordinator
César Jiménez Compton College Volunteer Coordinator
Jagaite Packard Jr. California State University - Dominguez Hills Entertainment and Hospitality Coordinator