Year Theme Attendance Location Region Chair Conference Chair/s Best of Region
2020 Destination to Advise And Rejuvenate Your Mind xxx Palm Springs, CA Cheri Souza Elizabeth Tisdale & Matthew Markin  
2019 He Wa'a He Moku, He Moku He Wa'a
"A Canoe is an Island, An Island is a Canoe"
658 Honolulu, HI Amber Dillon Tiana Loo & Cheri Souza "Sailing through the storm: Empowering first generation, single parents and international students to best navigate unknown academic waters"
Megumi Makino-Kanehiro, University of Hawaii-Manoa
Nanette Miles, University of Hawaii-Manoa
Leilani Takeuchi Harjarti, University of Hawaii-Manoa
2018 Advising: The Vines of Education 373 Santa Rosa, CA Amber Dillon Creveling & Whaley  
2017 Raising Expectations, Nuturing Opportunities 367  Reno, NV Julian Ledesma Furukawa  
2016 Surfing the Waves of Change: Advising for a New Generation 479 Irvine, CA Julian Ledesma Nemeth & Scott  
Ke A'o 'Ana Me Ke Aloha
"Advising with Aloha"
438 Honolulu, HI Valarie Burke Shiroma & Tagalicod  
2014 Innovate & Collaborate: Advising a Diverse World 565 Berkeley, CA Valarie Burke Ledesma  
2013 Lights, Camera, Action: Advise! 347 Los Angeles, CA Cheryl Tillotson Gerson & Felina-Castillo  
2012 Placing All Bets on... EDUCATION 147 Las Vegas, NV Cheryl Tillotson Leal & Igeleke  
2011 Collaborating Together: Navigating the Seas for Academic Success 271 San Diego, CA Gayle Juneau Lindeneau & Hansen  
2010 Staying Local, but Thinking Global: Expanding Minds and Hearts to Enhance Student Success 130 
Westlake, CA
San Francisco, CA
Honolulu, HI
Gayle Juneau Saunders
2009 Putting Advising on the Marquee 169 Las Vegas, NV Debbie Nakashima Tillotson  
2008   128 San Jose, CA Debbie Nakashima Gray-Peoples  
2007   218 San Diego, CA xxx Mandell & Lacy  
2006   272 Honolulu, HI xxx Sullivan-Vance  
2005   154 Emeryville xxx Mixon, Hands, Allen, & Niels  
2004   164 Pasadena, CA xxx Fleming & Fuller  
2003   62 Richmond, CND xxx Redell & Castillo  
2002   196 San Luis Obispo, CA xxx Dispasquale & Alshire  
2001   174 Sacramento, CA xxx Griffith  
2000   230 Honolulu, HI xxx Mori  
1999   100 Los Angeles, CA xxx Mamun  
1998   110 Las Vegas, NV xxx Hein  
1997   157 Oakland, CA xxx Charonis  
1996   130 Long Beach, CA xxx Benedict  
1995   xxx Fresno, CA xxx Benedict  
1994   128 San Diego, CA xxx xxx  
1993   30 San Francisco, CA xxx xxx  
1992   110 Reno, NV xxx xxx  
1991   100 Modesto, CA xxx xxx  
1990   151 San Diego, CA xxx xxx