Region 9 Talk Story

Region 9 Talk Story provides a free, quarterly opportunity for members to network, discuss best practices, and engage with the region through an informal, conversation-based forum. Sessions will be moderated and participants can expect high levels of engagement as they share and learn from each other.

2021-2022 Region 9 Talk Story Sessions

OCTOBER 2021 | Conference Proposal 101: Writing a Winning Conference Proposal
Marcedes Butler | University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Presentation slides | Handout (from Sarah Howard | The Ohio State University) 

DECEMBER 2021 | Take the Leap and be a Conference Chair
Have you ever thought about taking the leap to be a region conference chair? This is a wonderful leadership opportunity, but are you unsure if this would be a right fit, how much work is involved, or how do to even plan a conference? Join past conference chairs Cheri Souza, Stupski Foundation; Nicole Stella, University of Nevada Las Vegas; Jesse Poole, Nevada State College; and Elizabeth Tisdale, University of California Riverside, as they chat about their experiences being conference chairs and answer your questions.

JANUARY 2022 | The Emerging Leaders Program: Engaging, Inspiring, and Life Changing!
What is the Emerging Leaders Program? Would I even be considered? Should I apply as a leader or as a mentor? What are the requirements? Each year, 10 Emerging Leaders and 10 Mentors are selected for this two-year program to encourage members to get involved in leadership opportunities, increase leadership from diverse groups, and outfit participants with the skills and tools necessary to pursue leadership positions. Hear from a panel of past and current leaders and mentors Winnie Tang, University of California-Santa Cruz; David To, San Diego State University; and David Spight, University of California-Irvine, as they discuss their experiences of the program.

FEBRUARY 2022 | Students with (Dis)abilities: Inclusive Practices for Meeting the Needs of All!
Katie Rogers | California State University-San Bernardino
Inclusive practices in academic advising are possible with the proper tools and resources. Inspired by a partnership at California State University of San Bernardino, this presentation aims to inform the craft by approaching it from a DisCrit lens and demonstrating appropriate strategies in working within disability culture. Advisors will leave with a greater understanding of neurodivergence that allows collaborative efforts between departments at their own sites.

APRIL 2022 | Graduate Student Advising
Facilitator: Michael Cersosimo | Loyola Marymount University

Advising graduate students continues to evolve. Learn how to best support them for student success. We’ll discuss how graduate students' needs are different than undergraduate students, lack of graduate student services on campus, and how the pandemic affected advising and supporting graduate students. Join graduate advisors in Region 9 and learn from each other. All NACADA members welcome! 

MAY 2022 | A Deeper Dive into Research: Advising International and Immigrant Students
Panelist: Wendy G. Troxel, Director of the NACADA Center for Research, and Emily Schell, PhD Candidate at Stanford University

Presentation slides
In this hour-long Talk Story, you will be in conversation with scholars and scholar-practitioners who research best practices in academic advising, particularly those that address cultural mismatches and friction for international and immigrant students in the U.S. We invite you to share your experiences navigating cultural mismatches that arise in your advising practice and ask questions of our panel members about culturally responsive advising. Our panel members are Wendy G. Troxel, Director of the NACADA Center for Research, and Emily Schell, PhD Candidate at Stanford University, who studies culturally responsive academic advising.