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2022 Art Exhibition

From poster sessions to the NACADA Choir (remember that?) and from impromptu conversations to last year’s sensational new Scholarly Papers session type, Annual Conferences have always provided an array of opportunities for advisors to express themselves. 

The Annual Conference Advisory Board, Annual Conference Planning Committee, and the Executive Office are excited to announce the launch of a new avenue for advisor expression: the NACADA Annual Conference Art Experience.

For the upcoming Annual Conference in Portland, the Art Experience will include both a Juried Art Exhibition and multiple Art Tours.

Art fills the void

In his book The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, Alain de Botton argues, “We might define art as anything which pushes our thoughts in important yet neglected directions,” (2010, p. 184). From that perspective, what is advising if not a work of art? Who are advisors, then, if not artists? Advisors have always expressed themselves in many ways. We express our creativity, curiosity, and convictions. The 2022 Annual Conference themes of bridges and time (past, present, future) certainly speak to the many ways by which advisors close gaps using all available forms of expression. 

What has been presented to annual conference attendees has included academic, organizational, personal and professional expressions, but not traditional arts forms. Instead, creative forms of expression have been shared in concurrent sessions, posters, and interpersonal interactions throughout the years. Clive Cazeaux’s (2017) Art, Research, Philosophy, however, builds upon years of inquiry regarding the relationship between scholarship, knowledge, and the arts, and highlights how art’s immediacy interacts so powerfully with traditional structures of knowledge generation.

This place and this time, this conference is the perfect opportunity to try something bold, something different, something maybe even a little weird?

Picture of Art

Over recent years, energy has been building within NACADA’s members around the ideas of creativity, collaboration, mindfulness, and diverse forms of expression. Among those participating in this year’s Art Experience will be artists and creators, volunteers and leaders, and supporters and patrons of the arts.

We hope, though, that every attendee will come by to see the works created by advisors all over the globe, to collaborate in a shared creative process, and to take in the various artworks within the Oregon Convention Center and around the vibrant city of Portland.

Artists and creators will have until May 15th, 2022, to submit original works to be selected for the Art Exhibition, which will open Sunday, October 23rd, during the reception and exhibits that evening. The Art Tours will be scheduled throughout the duration of the conference for all who wish to participate.


Portland’s thriving and innovative art scene keeps in touch with international trends while remaining true to its Pacific Northwest roots. Local galleries, museums and arts organizations host paintings, sculptures, and other visual art in a wide range of public spaces and unexpected venues, giving those with a curious eye plenty to marvel at in this creative city. Group tours of galleries, museums, and public art will be scheduled throughout the conference.

The Oregon Convention Center’s public art collection is valued at well over $2 million and is one of the largest and most varied to be featured in any convention center. Conference goers can discover not-so-hidden art treasures during their visit, stopping by the Visitor Information Desk in the MLK Lobby for a copy of a self-guided art tour, or join one of the scheduled group tours throughout the conference.

Art Gallery

The NACADA Annual Conference Art Experience will only happen with your help and support. If you would like to submit a creative work, please use the link below. If you would like to volunteer to jury the submitted works, to staff the exhibition, to lead an Art Tour, or to help in some other way, please complete the Volunteer Sign-Up form. Most importantly, if you would like to think differently for a moment, to be pushed in important yet neglected directions, you are invited to be a part of the first ever Annual Conference Art Experience in Portland, Oregon, October 23rd through 26th.

Volunteer Sign-Up Link:
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