1. NACADA Virtual Global Awards Ceremony
2. NACADA's 40 Anniversary Celebration
3. Region/International Connection Time
4. NACADA Networking

5. Digital Caricature Experience
6. Best of Region Winners
7. Advising Communities
8. Common Reading
9. Opening Keynote Speaker
10. Closing Keynote Speaker
11. Health and Wellness Events
12. Conference Attire


The Virtual Global Awards Ceremony honors the people, programs, and institutions making significant contributions to the field of academic advising. The ceremony will be held on Monday, October 5 beginning at 4 pm CDT.

This event will be open to anyone interested in viewing the event! It will be live streamed via YouTube, but all registered participants can access the ceremony within the NACADA conference app. 

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Join us for a celebration of NACADA’s 40th Anniversary on Wednesday, October 7 from 4:20-5:20 pm.  During the first half of the hour, we will celebrate NACADA’s history with comments from our NACADA Executive Director and a fun video of the NACADA membership.  During the second half of the hour, we will have opportunities to socialize and make connections with fellow NACADA Members.

Social Option 1: Creating Cultural Connections

A key component of our conference theme is focused on Advising and Connection, both of which are a central elements of NACADA’s mission. During this social time, we will take an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the diversity of each of our backgrounds.  Participants who wish to do so are asked to bring something of significance that is special to their culture to share with the group.  This can be physical items (keepsakes, artifacts, photos, etc.) or verbal items (quotes, expressions, poems, etc.)!  You define what is significant to you and bring it to share with the group.  Even if you are not interested in bringing an item to share, come to learn about and connect with colleagues.  

We hope you will join us in this safe space to create cultural connections in NACADA by celebrating what makes us all special!

Social Option 2: NACADA Trivia

Come play a fun game of trivia and learn more about NACADA’s history.  Participants will be divided in to random teams with an opportunity to answer trivia questions about NACADA, so be sure to brush up on your NACADA history!  The winning team will receive a small prize.

Social Option 3: Global Lounge

Come to the Global Lounge for meaningful conversation! Facilitated Conversation topic “Unique Populations in Your Countries? How Does Your Culture Impact Your Conversations with the Students?”

Social Option 4: Share Your NACADA Stories and Memories

Come to reminisce and share your favorite NACADA memories!  This social will be led by NACADA Executive Director, Charlie Nutt.

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The Region/International Connetion Time will be held on Tuesday, October 6, 4:25-5:25 pm

Join us during Region updates and networking sessions to discuss issues and topics that affect your region, meet your steering committee and other regional leaders, network with colleagues from your region, hear about upcoming initiatives and events, and learn how to get more involved in NACADA. All participants are welcome!

Join the International Community to discuss, “How are Students on Your Campuses being Supported and Staying Connected?” All participants are welcome!

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During this block of time, you can choose your own experience!

1. Join one of our Networking Sessions to engage in discussions with other participants. These topics will be a continuation over the course of the conference during each “NACADA Networking” block.  You can attend the same networking session each day or switch it up!  If a session is full, please select an alternate discussion.

a. New Administrators: Are you a new Administrator/Faculty who would like to connect with others to discuss operations of your advising units during COVID-19? Are you curious about advising models and structures, hiring, training, performance evaluations, technology, assessment and travel budget during COVID-19? Would you like to learn best practices and about NACADA in general? Have a current issue or challenge that you are dealing with? Bring it to this session where you will receive feedback from colleagues, and develop an initial plan. This session will give you the answers to many questions as you will be among others who are curious and are experiencing similar issues. Let’s discuss your concerns! No formalities, just bring your questions, share and learn best practices, and network with fellow advising administrators.

b. New Advisors & Experienced Advisors: Join us for organic conversation between new and experienced academic advisors.  COVID-19 has taught us that academic advising is more important than ever.  Our shared experiences, past and present, can help us to not only continue adapt to this new normal but to thrive in it!  Let’s come together to share effective ways we are meeting the needs of students and learn from each other.

c. Tales of the Trenches: Funny Advising Stories: If Academic Advising was a movie, it would be a comedy. This networking session provides three individual opportunities for academic advisors and advising professionals to join together and engage in meaningful conversation through story telling. Advisors will have the opportunity to share interesting and funny stories as well as sharing best practices in dealing with academic advising in the new zoom/online environment. Let's Laugh and Learn!

d. Mental Health & Self-Care Tips: Balancing Home and Work Life: Academic Advising has its share of challenges and Covid 19 pandemic has not made it easier. It is necessary for academic advisors and educators to find ways to work through challenges. This networking session is a 3 part series discussion on mental health, self care tips and strategies to creating home and work balance. We are concerned about your self care. Join us for a time of rejuvenation!

2. Visit our Advising Communities Division section to learn more about the various communities and make connections!

3. Visit the Global Lounge for various networking opportunities and activities going on throughout conference.

a. NACADA Global Trivia - Tuesday, October 6, 1:05-1:30 pm
b. International Connection Time: "How are Students on Your Campuses being Supported and Staying Connected?", Tuesday, October 6, 4:25-5:25 pm
c. Where in the World Trivia Game - Wednesday, October 7, 11:50 am - 12:15 pm
d. "Unique Populations in Your Countries? How Does Your Culture Impact Your Conversations with the Students?" - Wednesday, October 7, 4:50-5:30 pm
e. Scavenger Hunt and Theme day (zoom background representing your country/region) - Thursday, October 8, 10:30-10:55 am

4. Visit the Research Café for various networking opportunities.

a. Scholarly Papers Demonstrations - Tuesday, October 6, 9-10:30 am
b. Research Networking - Tuesday, October 6, 1:05-1:30 pm
Demystifying the Research & Writing Process: Begin Where You Are (NACADA Writer Support Program – with Rhonda Dean-Kyncl) - Wednesday, October 7, 9-10 am
d. Common Reading - Wednesday, October 7, 10-11 am
e. Scholarly Paper Demonstration - Wednesday, October 7, 6-8 pm
f. The Scholarship of Advising: Global Perspectives (discussion co-sponsored by the NACADA Center for Research and the UKAT Research Committee) - Thursday, October 8, 9-10:30 am
g. Research Networking - Thursday, October 8, 10:30-10:55 am

5. Otherwise, take a quick break to reset for what is ahead!

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Sign-up is closed as all slots have been filled!

Caricature.com combined 30 years of digital drawing experience with virtual technology to bring you ZoomToons.club... an interactive experience of artistic mastery directly into your office or home, wherever you may be in the world.

Join us October 6-8 during NACADA’s 2020 Virtual Annual Conference and watch the magic happen in just minutes on any device you wish. Best of all, you can instantly download your caricature the minute it’s completed. View your time here!

Note: you will receive an email the morning of your schedule drawing with details on accessing your Zoom drawing session. 

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Congratulations to our two Best of Region Winners from the 2020 Region Conferences. Due to COVID-19, most region conferences were cancelled for 2020.

Both Best of Region presentations will be included in the On Demand section of the conference app. Be sure to check out both of these excellent presentations. 

Region 4 Keeping Your Head Above Water: Advising Multiple Degree Programs
Alisha Miles, Columbus State University
Region 7 Advising from Pillar to Post: Being EPIC in Our Advising Conversations
Mysha Clincy, St. Louis Community College

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Be sure to check out each Advising Community's profile in the conference app.

  • Learn what is going on in the Advising Communities Division - projects, activities, listserv discussions, new initiatives!
  • Post to the ACD Social Wall - a way to connect with all the various advising communities. 
  • Volunteer to help with activities or serve on a committee within the Advising Communities Division.
  • Consider running for leadership positions within the Advising Communities.
  • Meet and collaborate with colleagues on future conference presentations or articles for the Clearinghouse or Academic Advising Today.
  • Attend a 'Hot Topics' session presented by various Advising Communities. These will be located in the on demand portion of the conference app. 

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Join fellow participants on Wednesday, October 7 from 10-11 am, in a discussion of this year's common reading article, "Shattering the Deficit Grand Narrative Toward a Culturally Validating Latino Student Success Framework" by Laura I. Rendón, Vijay Kanagala, and Ripsimé K. Bledsoe and its ramifications for academic advising. 

This article co-authored by our opening keynote speaker challenges educators to let go of deficit-based thinking as their default perspective on low-income students of color in favor of an asset-based framework.

The common reading article is available for viewing; please click here

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Dr. Laura Rendón

Dr. Laura Rendón

Laura Rendón is nationally recognized as an education theorist, activist and researcher who specializes in college preparation, persistence and graduation of low-income, first-generation students.

A native of Laredo, Texas, Rendón's passion is assisting students who, like her, grew up in poverty with hopes and dreams but not knowing how to realize them. Rendón is credited with developing the theory of validation, which colleges and researchers have employed as a framework for working with and affirming low-income students.

Rendón is a teaching and learning philosopher and thought leader. She developed a pedagogic framework called Sentipensante (Sensing/Thinking) Pedagogy that emphasizes intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual student development along with social activism.

Rendón is an active scholar whose research has been published in key education research journals. She is also the author of Sentipensante (Sensing/Thinking) Pedagogy: Educating for Wholeness, Social Justice and Liberation. Moreover, she is co-editor of books and monographs including: Transforming the First Year of College for Students of Color; Educating a New Majority; Introduction to American Higher Education; and Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Higher Education ASHE Reader.

She is co-director of the Center for Research and Policy in Education in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Texas in San Antonio, which engages in research that informs the education community about critical factors that affect the academic success of key student groups.

She is also one of the founders and former Board Chair of the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (Washington, DC) focused on providing access to college for low-income students. She has served on the Board of Trustees for Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Further, Rendón has designed and coordinated the yearly Latino/a Student Success Institute for the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education, the nation's premier scholarly organization focusing on higher education issues impacting Latinos.

As a leader in the field of college access and achievement, Rendón's research has been featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education and the PBS documentary, "The College Track." Rendón is a frequent speaker at colleges and universities throughout the nation on topics related to improving persistence and completion.

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Dr. Ken Harmon

Dr. Ken Harmon

Dr. Ken Harmon is a business professor, executive coach, motivational speaker, and consultant.  He is a professor in the School of Accountancy at Kennesaw State University, where he previously served as Director of the School of Accountancy, Dean of the Coles College of Business, Provost, and interim president.  His previous faculty or administrative appointments have been at Drexel University, University of Missouri, Arizona State University West, Middle Tennessee State University, University of North Carolina Wilmington, and Millsaps College.  Dr. Harmon also has been an auditor with a large international CPA firm, was president of his own software company, and has served as a consultant and executive coach to numerous companies and universities domestically and internationally. 

Much of his work, especially his executive coaching and speaking, is structured around the research on happiness and how we can use happiness to improve our everyday lives, be better leaders, and dramatically enhance the workplace.  He has delivered more than 80 keynote and motivational talks in seven countries on the subjects of happiness, leadership, and culture.

Ken is active in his community and serves on numerous boards.  He resides in the greater Atlanta area with his wife, Mary Harmon, and has three daughters: Ashley, Ava, and Norah.  He enjoys riding motorcycles, writing music, playing guitar, saltwater fishing, flying, and playing golf.

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Asynchronous workouts will be available during conferene. To access these workouts and log your daily activity, please create an account with Strava. Here are helpful instructions for Strava beginners.

You will be able to access the yoga sessions via the NACADA virtual conference platform.  

Slow Flow Yoga - October 7, 8-9 am

Join Liz Sutton from the University of Pennsylvania for a morning slow yoga flow to ease into your conference day. Using a yoga or exercise mat in your home space is encouraged. This will be a basic yoga flow ending with longer held, restorative postures, so no yoga experience is necessary!

Energizing Vinyasa Flow Yoga - October 8, 8-9 am

Join Liz Sutton from the University of Pennsylvania for an energizing vinyasa flow to energize you for the final conference day. Using a yoga or exercise mat in your home space is encouraged. This will be an active flow so some yoga experience is recommended, but modifications will be offered for all levels. 

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Comfortable and casual best describe the "dress code" at NACADA's 2020 Virtual Annual Conference. 

Join the fun on School Spirit Day and see how many different schools are represented by wearing a polo or t-shirt from your institution on Tuesday, October 6. 

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