Annual Conference 2021 Banner

2022 - Portland, OR
Building Bridges: Honoring our Past, Celebrating the Present, and Preparing for the Future"

2021 - Cincinnati, OH
Together, All Things are Possible

2020 - Virtual Conference
No Student Is an Island: The Rich Port of Advising and Connection

2019 - Louisville, KY
In Their Corner: Advising Students to be the GREATEST!

2018 - Phoenix, AZ
Life Stories: The Art of Academic Advising

2017 - St. Louis, MO
Meet Me in St. Louis: The Gateway to Student Success

2016 - Atlanta, GA
ATL: Advising to Learn

2015 - Las Vegas, NV
What Happens in Advising Stays with Students

2014 - Minneapolis, MN
Adventures in Advising: Explore, Discover, Collaborate, Transform

2013 - Salt Lake City, UT
Success Elevated: Greatest Advising on Earth

2012 - Nashville, TN
Empowering Students to Write Their Own Songs of Success

2011 - Denver, CO
Advising with Altitude

2010 - Orlando, FL
The Fast Pass to Student Success

2009 - San Antonio, TX
Deep in the Heart of Advising

2008 - Chicago, IL
Taking Advising to New Heights

2007 - Baltimore, MD
Advisors as Navigators: From Orientation to Graduation and Beyond

2006 - Indianapolis, IN
Diverse Advising for a Diverse World

2005 - Las Vegas, NV
Hitting the Jackpot:Making Academic Success a Sure Bet!

2004 - Cincinnati, OH
Building Bridges: Advisors as Architects for the Future

2003 - Dallas, TX
Academic Advising: Teach, Encourage, eX cel, Advise, Support - Building Stronger Networks for Student Success

2002 - Salt Lake City, UT
Academic Advising: Official Sponsors of Student Success

2001 - Ottawa, ON
Academic Advising: Discover the Many Voices

2000 - Orlando, FL
Advising in the 21st Century: Tradition, Innovation, and Vision

1999 - Denver, CO
Rocky Mountain Summit: Partnerships and Collaboration to Foster Retention

1998 - San Diego, CA
New Horizons: Learning from the Past, Preparing for the Future

1997 - Kansas City, MO
Show Me: From Advising Theory to Practice

1996 - Washington, DC
Advocacy & Innovation in Academic Advising

1995 - Nashville, TN
Academic Advising: Patterns in the Present...Pathways to the Future

1994 - Las Vegas, NV
(Riviera) Reach for the Stars: Global Challenges for Academic Advising

1993 - Detroit, MI
Academic Advising in the 90s: Using Resources Creatively to Serve Diverse Populations

1992 - Atlanta, GA
The Challenge of Change: Empowering Students through Academic Advising

1991 - Louisville, KY
Academic Advising: New Visions for a New Century

1990 - Anaheim, CA
Academic Advising: Continuing Visions, Renewed Commitments, New Frontiers

1989 - Houston, TX
Academic Advising and Institutional Effectiveness

1988 - Miami, FL
Academic Advising: Tradition vs Innovation

1987 - Chicago, IL
Diversity in Academic Advising: Changing Populations/Increasing Standards

1986 - Seattle, WA
Ten Years Later: Academic Advising Reconsidered...Perspectives, Promises, Performances

1985 - Kansas City, MO
Academic Advisors: Responding to a Call for Excellence in Higher Education

1984 - Philadelphia, PA
Academic Advising as a Form of Teaching

1983 - St. Louis, MO
Beyond Change: Managing the Multifaceted Role of the Academic Advisor

1982 - San Jose, CA
Breaking with Tradition: The Advisor as Change Agent

1981 - Indianapolis, IN
Academic Advising: The Pivotal Point

1980 - Asheville, NC
Academic Advising as a Developmental Process

1979 - Omaha, NE
Impact: Advising for the 80's

1978 - Memphis, TN
Impact: Advising Makes the Difference

1977 - Burlington, VT