NACADA Annual Conference

2011 Annual Conference Program Topics/Tracks

Theory and Philosophy of Advising

Commission Meeting:Theory & Philosophy of Advising

Burton,Michigan State University

Best of Region 3The Dream Team: Intuitive Advising at Work

Hill,Winston Salem State University

A Hands On Approach: Manipulatives In Action

Hill,Winston Salem State University

A Mountain to Climb: Probationary Students and Motivational Interviewing

Pettay,Hughey,Kansas State University

A Practical (and Fun) Guide to being a Multiculturally Competent Advisor

Lee,San Jose State University

Advising as Learning: Using the Learning Partnership Model to Engage Second-year College Students

Tetley,United States Air Force Academy

Schaller,University of Dayton

Advisors as Teachers: Supporting Student Cognitive Development

Russell,Novack,University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

*Bringing University of Utopia to Reality?

Lowenstein,Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Tetley,United States Air Force Academy

Building Bridge Across Cultures: Learning about China's Higher Education System and its Impact on Academic Advising

Chow,Washington State University

Conceptualizing Advising for Global Citizenship: Toward Developing a Global Citizenship Advising Curriculum

Galinova,Pennsylvania State University

Deliberative Guidance in Practice

Downing,Donelan,Franklin Pierce University

Expanding Professional Development to the Theoretical: Incorporating Theory into Professional Development

Champlin-Scharff,Harvard University

Himes,Pennsylvania State University

GPS for Advisees: Structure and Clarity for Exploring Majors

Godenitz,Nichols,Jacobson,Colorado State University

Happy Advising: Applying Choice Theory to Academic Advising

Tod,Rinck,University of South Florida

He Ain´t Heavy, He´s My Brother: Understanding Family and Home Community Influence on Student Major Choice

Traxler,Rutgers University

*Holy Cow!: What Can Religious Studies Teach Us about Advising?

Sano-Franchini,Michigan State University

Just Tell Me What I Should Do: How to Deliver Developmental Advising to Students in an On-Demand World

Ohrablo,Nova Southeastern University

Making Change Work: Empowering Students in the Major Change Process

Bloom,Mulhern Halasz,Sizemore Traynor,University of South Carolina

Planning for Tomorrow: Taking Advising Online at the University College Maastricht

van den Wijngaard,Bossel,Manie,University College Maastricht

Reaching New Heights in Advising: How Communication Theory Can Improve the Advisor-Student Relationship

Miller,Northern Kentucky University

Social, Emotional, and Psychological Challenges Relevant to High Achievers

Neuber,Temple University

Teaching the Unwritten Rules of College: Social Capital, Cultural Capital, and Academic Advising

Barker,University of Arkansas

Smyth,University of Central Arkansas

Thinking About Identity After Buffy and Butler

Carlson,Trent University

To Poke or Not To Poke? The Ethics of Advisors' Use of Social Media

Duberstein,Ohio Dominican University

Pascal,Northern Virginia Community College

Pasquini,University of North Texas

What Should We Expect From a Theory of Advising?

Lowenstein,Richard Stockton College of New Jersey